Saturday, February 16, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - Third semi - Results

Photo: Lindwall Sven
And it keeps getting worse! I seriously don't get how the Swedes vote. Years now. To be honest I was expecting Ravaillacz (En Riktig Jävla Schlager) to make it to the final. They always send a crappy song to the final! I wasn't expecting State of Drama (Falling) to the final though. I like the song but it's more like a radio song. They're not gonna win anyway.

To andra chansen: Caroline af Ugglas with "Hon Har Inte" and Martin Rolinski with "In And Out Of Love".

I actually wanted Martin to the final! I like the song a lot even though the chorus is almost identical to Modern Talk's "Cheri Cheri Lady". I don't care. I like Martin's song and he looked great tonight! Loved his outfit. So simple and yet so great!

I'm also glad for Caroline. Not a big fan of her song but I kinda like it. It's so....Caroline!

5. "Heartstrings" – Janet Leon
6. "Alibi" – Eddie Razaz
7. "Dumb" – Amanda Fondell
8. "Island" – Elin Petersson

I can't believe that Janet, Eddie and Amanda are out! I wanted Janet to the final. Amanda was a disappointment for me. Well the song, not her. She has a great attitude on stage and I like that. As for Eddie, well the 1-minute snippet sounded promising but listening to the entire song didn't do it for me. I'm just surprised coz it was a favourite...

I didn't comment previous weeks' interval acts but I will do it now coz they sucked! So boring! And enough with Gina and Danny being in every one of them! At least next week we'll have Carola! Yes Carola! Carola Häggkvist! At least that's what she hinted in one of her blog posts.

Ps. Det dröjer ett gäng lördagar innan jag står på denna scen i år..

That's from her blog. "It will take a couple of weeks before I get on that stage this year"

So I think it's safe to say she'll perform in mello next week! Yay! Some real schlager people!

EDIT: About Carola... Yeah she might perform in ac or in the final. Who knows?


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