Thursday, February 21, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - Rehearsals of the fourth semi

Ok before I start commenting on the rehearsals let me tell you that Carola will perform at the interval act of the final! Malmö's interval act will be better though. For me at least. We'll get to that even though I think it's old news by now but I'm super excited about it, so yeah, I will say a few things on that.

Rehearsals ladies and gentlemen!

Army of Lovers - Rockin’ The Ride
Legends or what? However, correct me if I'm wrong but that was a playback right? The song is quite catchy. Weird lyrics but it's AoL! Green light from me!

Lucia Piñera - Must Be Love
"We could have had it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall, rolling in the deeeeeeeeeeeep...." Sorry I got carried away. That's not what Lucia was singing. Or was it? No? Ok. It's not bad but I need to hear the full version.

Robin Stjernberg - You
His voice annoys me and the song is nothing special. Next!

Syliva Vrethammar - Trivialitet
Seriously? o.O For the love of God! Really I'm like wtf? I don't like it. I find it boring and the perfect candidate for the 8th place! 

Ralf Gyllenhammar - Bed On Fire
Brolle in 20 years from now? Hopefully not! Ralf, dear Ralf. What is this? I have to say I got scared for a moment... You'll know in which part. Not really my cup of tea...

Behrang Miri - Jalla Dansa Sawa
That's nice actually. Perfect after this snoozefest we had until now (AoL are an excpetion). 

Terese Frendenwall - Breaking The Silence
The winner of "Svensktoppen nästa".... I'm not fan of the song. I got a Lisa Miskovsky wannabe vibe and that's not good...

Ulrik Munther - Tell The World I'm Here
Better than last year's attempt. Much better I can say. For my taste. But still it's nothing "wow". I see him making it to the final though... Little girls will vote for him.

So it's Army of Lovers and Behrang to the final for me. Or Lucia (yeah I know!) instead of Behrang. I'll be fine with Ulrik too. I guess.

Anyway, let's go the important part of the fourth semi! The opening and interval acts! Petra Mede will open the semi on Staturday! :D Wiiiie!! I've no idea what she's gonna do but I don't care! It's Petra Mede!

And the highlight for me...

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix

Alcazar will perform on Staruday! That's the interval act! Danny will be the "4th member" (a bit -.- here)... No idea what he's gonna do. Why does he have to be involved in everything? Really? Can't they let my Alcazar do their thing? Ok, ok. I stop whinning. I'm actually in a great great mood! Because I am going to Malmö!!!! I went through a mini (serious) depression the day I found out they'll perform in mello but that was it. I bought a ticket for tomorrow's general rehearsal! There was no way I will let them "go away" again! I haven't seen them since Stockholm Pride 2011! They have reunited a few times since then but it was either for private performances, or they were too far, or I had no money (ok I don't have money now but to hell with it! I'm going!) or I found out about the performance after they did it! That's it! I'm going to see them! Tomorrow I am going to Malmö!

So on Saturday morning [(if I manage to come back home somehow) coz I haven't booked a ticket to come home yet] you will have, for the first time through my blog, a review about what you will see on tv on Saturday evening!


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