Sunday, July 8, 2012

ESC 2013 - Malmö

I won't say a lot about it... Just read all the details here. I am so disappointed about this! They had Friends Arena and they chose Malmö Arena instead. They could host the contest in Stockholm (which is the right thing to do) but no. It's Malmö. Now things are not easy for me. I need MUCH MORE money now coz I had a place to stay in Stockholm! There is a small chance that I might miss ESC 2013. My first ESC ever! I'm devastated right now. If I don't find a job when I get back to Sweden I might as well say goodbye to the contest...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loreen - "Euphoria" video release

Photo: Ruben Broman
So the video of "Euphoria" is out! I have to say that I'm disappointed... I was expecting something really good but all we got is Loreen taking a walk in the woods... I really don't like the concept and it's not something I will watch over and over again. I totally prefer the live performances of MF/ESC.We have some really great shots and the feeling is amazing but the concept is really bad IMO. What I like in the video is the second verse. I wish Ausben was there too...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Annikafiore - "Recovered" EP released!

Well to tell you the truth the EP was released yesterday! I saw it on my fb but I decided to blog about it today. First of all, you can BUY "Recovered" by clicking here.

The tracklist:

1. Crying At the Discoteque (Antti Original) 4:10
2. Don't Wanna C U 2nite (Piol Remix) 3:48
3. Crying At the Discoteque (Piol Remix) 4:04
4. Love 2 Live (Johan Åberg Ha2f Radio Mix) 2:56  
5. Don't Wanna C U 2nite (Radio Cut) 3:59
6. Love 2 Live (Piol Funk Remix) 3:39
7. Love 2 Live (Johan Åberg Ha2f Club Mix) 5:24
8. Love 2 Live (Piol Sos Remix) 3:31
9. Love 2 Live (Johan Åberg Ha2f Club Instrumental) 5:24
10. Don't Wanna C U 2nite (Piol Piano Remix) 3:09

And as I promised the videos from August 2011 are now available! 

Shut Up And Dance (love the choreo!)

Enjoy! ;D