Sunday, August 26, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2013 - The first artist is revealed!

Photo: Johan Ljungström/Sveriges Radio
Haven't posted anything in months and I feel like the blog is abandoned but it still looks the same. I was supposed to fix the layout and add some more things while I was in Greece but this never happened... Now I wonder when I'll find time to fix it before the start of the ESC season.

Anyway back to the point. The girl in the picture is Terese Fredenwall and she's the first out of 32 artists who will compete in Melodifestivalen 2013! She's the winner of a swedish contest called "Svensktoppen nästa". A contest that was created for this exact purpose; finding an artist to compete in mello '13. There are more details here (in swedish).

Well I know one thing for sure and I can bet a million euros on that; Terese is not the winner! And she'd rather not keep her hopes high. I mean let's face it, no one knows her and we all know that in Melodifestivalen the popular ones make it to the final. Of course you can give me a bunch of famous Swedes who didn't make it to the final but still. Or tell me that, how many webjoker artists made it to the final? To andra chansen? It also depends on the song but really I don't see Terese going too far. It will be a great experience for her though. That's for sure!