Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pastora Soler: "I don't want to go to Eurovision" II

I couldn't find a better title. I told you about the interview she was going to give today, in my last post. I checked the website today and they uploaded the interview (read it here in spanish). My question is not there but another girl asked her about the ESC and this time Pastora said something more than a simple "no".

Isabel (Sevilla)  
Hola Pastora!! Si TVE te propusiera representar a España en el Festival de Eurovisión, ¿qué dirías? Muestra tu arte al resto de Europa!! Un beso.

Pastora Soler  
La verdad es que no estaría dentro de mis planes representar a España en Eurovisión. Es un arma de doble filo y no creo que lo necesite en mi carrera. Un beso, paisana!

Translation (with the help of google translator - I made it as clear as possible coz GT sucks)

Isabel (Sevilla)
Hello Pastora! If
TVE proposed you to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, what would you say? Show your art to the rest of Europe! A kiss.

Pastora Soler
The truth is that is not in my plans to represent Spain in Eurovision. It's a double edged sword and I do not need it in my career. A kiss, countryman!

I don't know what to say... She has a point! She's absolutely right about the double edged sword. Johnny Logan said exactly the same. But there's no way I compare "now" to "then". Things have changed. I am so against juries and I want them out but if Pastora would enter the ESC the juries could save her and give her a boost. And I admit that it would be too dangerous for Pastora to compete but not dangerous for her career. I don't believe that a bad placing in ESC could destroy someone's career (give me an example if you have one). And to go back to the double edged sword, the way I interpret it is you either win (or finish in top 10) or lose (below top 15). I guess Pastora's interpretation is: "I lose in ESC, then I will have successful albums, concerts etc and a dark spot with the name i.e. "20th place in ESC"". It's like people would think "oh she was so successful and she ruined everything with Eurovision". Is it really that bad? But anyway I don't believe Pastora would flop. I believe in what she can do but if she's "afraid" to enter the contest then there's nothing I can do... :/ Shame... :(

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pastora Soler: "I don't want to go to Eurovision"

She killed me! :( She was my only hope for Spain and she's not interested in Eurovision! And I thought her appearance in the spanish NF last February was a positive sign... 
I saw a link at her official page on Facebook with an interview. An interview made by her fans. You know that kind of online interviews where the fans ask questions and the artist answers... Anyway I took a quick look at the interview and question #24 caught my eye. I don't speak spanish (well I know around 100 words maybe) but you don't need to speak spanish in order to understand the question. Here it is:

24. ¿Te gustaría ir a Eurovisión, Pastora?

I don't think I need to translate this. Right? She said "no"! "No"! :( Whoever asked this question should also add the phrase "and if not, why not?" to his/her question. Well he or she didn't ask why not but I did! A while ago I saw this at her facebook page. Apparently there will be another online interview but I think this one will be on the radio. I submitted my question and I really hope they post the interview somewhere because if it's on the radio I won't be able to hear it. I have a class at 13:00! Damn it! Let's hope I get an answer and most importantly an answer where she leaves an open window for a possible participation in the future...

If you guys want to read the entire interview click here. The interview is in spanish but you can use google translator or something like that.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ESC 2012 - The swiss NF (stop)

OK guys I can't do this! I shouldn't have started blogging about this. Lab reports, exams, studying. No time! Plus, the voting has already begun. So I will wait until the next phase. I just hope that I will be able to blog when we get closer to spring and when all the NFs will kick off.

I'll just say that from all the songs I've heard so far, Ultra Naté's "My Love" is my winner. I just LOVE this! There's a bit ABBA in the beginning but that makes me like it more! ;)

And let me comment Mrs Eurovision! Lys Assia's comeback! How epic will it be if she gets the ticket to Baku? She'll definitely flop but who cares? I'll be able to say "yes! I saw the very first winner of the ESC competing on that stage after 56 years after her first victory!". And all of you who will be in Baku will be able to say that you saw her live! Here's her song. I kinda like it but it's quite old-fashioned and that's why I think she'll flop. Most people won't even know who she is. Even though I'm sure all the commentators will inform the viewers about who Lys is and that's why I think she will make it to the final but she won't make it to top 15!

Good luck to Ultra Naté!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ESC 2012 - The swiss NF (Review of some songs) II

Artists from "G" 'til "J". Listen to the songs here.

Gerry Miles: Me, Myself And I
What kind of lyrics are these? Oh God! And I don’t like his voice.

Graciela: You Again
I liked the beginning but then… Nah nothing much here. She has a nice voice though.

Guido Bugmann: One More Try
Ballad. And no, I don’t like it.

HammerTime / Michael Hammer, Tobias Soder: Be Yourself
Ok song. But not the one I want to hear in ESC.

Hans Otto von Allmen: In The U.S.A.
Oh God!

HDT ft Desi Valentine: Stand With Me
I really like this one! Really nice!!

Heidi Louise: What Does This Mean?
Nice voice. Boring song.

Heiner Gabele: Soll ich soll ich nicht
Hm not a bad song but not my cup of tea…

Heinz Winckler: Who You Really Are
I like this one!

Homies: Partysafari

Horoscope: Venomous
Hm... I don’t know if I like it or not… Something bugs me…

Hundred Days: Suffering is a teacher
I don’t like this.

Hörsturz: Magic Hands
Nice melody!! But I don’t know… Not one of my favourites.

I Quattro: Fragile
Don’t like it.

Isabelle Stettler : Wunder
I almost fell asleep.

IVO: Peace & Freedom
Heartbreaking video and nice lyrics but as a song is not much. 

Jaan: Like A Tree
Don’t like it.

Jack The Planet: Let me out
Don’t like it.

Jam: Bounce
Don’t like it.

Jana Josephina: On Danse Ensemble
Don’t like it.

Jane Fountaine: Onduuruu
”Onduuruuuuuu”. Ah I don’t like this. Boring ballad.

Jay-Roc & Jakebeatz feat. Kei: 365
Ok song…

Jerry Miller: Feel that way

Jill Wick: Escape
Quite nice!

jO Mettraux: L'as-tu vu passer?
Don’t like it.

John Hänni: You Love Me For Me
Don’t like it.

Joy Amelie: Lass es regnen
Nice voice. Nice song.

Julien Victor: Téquila
Don't really like it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

ESC 2012 - The swiss NF (Review of some songs)

OK so I decided to review all of them! But not at once! And I don't make a lot of comments. I just say if I like it or not and perhaps something more in some of them. I won't put links to all of them. It will take too much time. If you want to listen to the songs go ahead and click here. I reviewed all the songs until the artists beginning with the letter "F".

!lluminati – Dream Of You
I like it but don’t think it will do well on ESC.

$ophie Solen – Justicia
Eehm... Plagiarism or what? However I really like it!!

*Fleur Magali* - Made To Love
Nothing special. Quite boring.

*ORLANDO BAY* - New Orpheus
I changed song in the first 10 seconds!

*Peter* - Second Chance
I have to say that I prefer Peter’s last year’s attempt… I like the lyrics but I’ve said it too many times. I’m not a ballad-lover. Wish him good luck anyways coz I like him!

A Band Called Nafta - Everybody Wants My Money
Ehm… give this to Greece maybe? :P Don’t like it.

A Mega NRG Man - Dance The Night
Too ‘90s… Naah I don’t know…

ABACAY & Tommy Fresh - How Can I Feel Complete..
I loved the music from the first second but then… no.

Advertising Space - Here I Stand
Ok song but no wow factor.

AETERNITAS - Can You Hear The Demons
Oh my God! (in a really bad way!)

Albana Azizi - I love it
No, I don’t love it. I just like it.

ALEEMA - Mr. Millionaire
I actually like this! It’s quite catchy!

Don’t like it...

Reminds me of another song but don’t know which one... Anyway I don’t like this.

Alex Rémy - *Jolie Jolie Jolie Baby*
Don’t like this at all! The chorus is too annoying for my taste!

Alexander von Arx - Sweet Marion J
I like his voice but not the song...

Alexandrin/ Bulgarien - When Lights Go On
Ok song but I don’t like his accent.

Anna - Silly Billy
Sweet song but quite Finland 2011.

Asaf Or Shenhav - Lifetime Lover
I don’t like it.

Atomic-Angels - Black Symphony
I like this one! 

Ben Pyne – Lantern
Ballad. I don’t think I need to say more here. (Trust me though. If I find a good ballad you’ll see some really positive comments!)

Bernarda Brunovic - I belong to You
Really nice voice but honestly this sounds quite amateurish.

Besa Nova - Tell me
No. No!

BIG CITY - crystal eyes
I don’t like it.

Biljana Krizanac - You will always have a friend
Just ok.

Biljana Obradovic Bixy - No Chance For Us
Don’t like it.

BluePearl - Welcome back to the show
This style is not my cup of tea.

Buket – Help
I like it.

Candy Benson - Shy Boy
Something doesn’t sound right here...

Carlos Santoo - Coffee No 1
The only thing I like is the title! Gee! What’s this?

Carlos Santoo feat. Laila - Siesta Girl
He sent another one? For God’s sake!

Cathryn - The Beginning

Celine - Look Up To The Stars
Dion? :P Haha ok. Hm maybe Switzerland needs another Celine in order to win? ;)

Chris Hess – Hello
Nothing much here.

Christine Lauterburg - Hinderem Berg und änet em See
Come again?

christine schön - sunny way
That would be good for a commercial.

Christopher - Fly High
I don’t like it.

Circle of time – Myrene
Don’t like it.

Clifford Village Band – Glitter
Don’t like it.

Container 6 - I bi ke Löu
Not my thing!

Not a fan of this. But I like her voice.

Danièl Harb - FiRE!
Don’t like it! 

Daniel Piechota feat. Kristin Sóley - BY MY SIDE

Daria - An Affair
Quite good.

David Holler – Odeon
Not something I wanna see on the ESC stage.

Debby - The Lie

Deniz Reno - Flower To A Bee
Great voice! About the song… nah.. :/

Didier Uwayo - Live it up
Like it! A lot!

Dietrich - Sunshiny Days
Nope. Don’t like it.

DJ Al Pine & Anne Lee feat. MC N. Dooh - Mountains high
I liked it until she began singing… :/

Doctor Jazz & Saxy Music - Saxyphone (Talkin' Sexy On...)
Don’t like it.

I like the multilingual thing but that’s all.

Dominik Roe - Freedom in your Eyes
I only like the music.

Eduardo Avero Orlando Florida - Early in the morning
Just ok.

Eli Kaldwell - The First Words Ever Spoken
I like him and I like the song.

Emel – She
Too Arabic for Switzerland.

Eric Himan - "You're Gonna Need Me"
Don’t like it.

ErRic is Blue - Soul 2 Soul
Don’t like it.

Erwan Smith - Can't Stand Still

Estella Benedetti & Michael Giger - Stand behind me
Don’t like it.

Evelyne Kessler – YOU
Don’t like it.

Evera Djali Azerbaijan/Russia - Step My Way
Don’t like it.

FEATHERLIKE - Moon Over Berlin
I like only the music.

Don’t like it.

Flourish – Treasure
Don’t like it.

Francesca Priest - Learn To Love Again

Francheska - Losing way
Don’t like it.

Don’t like it!!

Frank&Friends - True Love is growing
What’s this? :S

FREAKOUT 6 - Sun go down
Nice vocals here…

Freakout6 - Fly Away
I don’t like this one.

Fredy Chnorz - Europe will dance with me
Is this some kind of a joke?

Fredy Chnorz - A Laughter around the world
That's it for today! Out of those I like

$ophie Solen – Justicia
*Peter* - Second Chance
ALEEMA - Mr. Millionaire
Atomic-Angels - Black Symphony
Buket – Help
Celine - Look Up To The Stars
Daniel Piechota feat. Kristin Sóley - BY MY SIDE
Daria - An Affair
Didier Uwayo - Live it up