Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pastora Soler: "I don't want to go to Eurovision" II

I couldn't find a better title. I told you about the interview she was going to give today, in my last post. I checked the website today and they uploaded the interview (read it here in spanish). My question is not there but another girl asked her about the ESC and this time Pastora said something more than a simple "no".

Isabel (Sevilla)  
Hola Pastora!! Si TVE te propusiera representar a España en el Festival de Eurovisión, ¿qué dirías? Muestra tu arte al resto de Europa!! Un beso.

Pastora Soler  
La verdad es que no estaría dentro de mis planes representar a España en Eurovisión. Es un arma de doble filo y no creo que lo necesite en mi carrera. Un beso, paisana!

Translation (with the help of google translator - I made it as clear as possible coz GT sucks)

Isabel (Sevilla)
Hello Pastora! If
TVE proposed you to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, what would you say? Show your art to the rest of Europe! A kiss.

Pastora Soler
The truth is that is not in my plans to represent Spain in Eurovision. It's a double edged sword and I do not need it in my career. A kiss, countryman!

I don't know what to say... She has a point! She's absolutely right about the double edged sword. Johnny Logan said exactly the same. But there's no way I compare "now" to "then". Things have changed. I am so against juries and I want them out but if Pastora would enter the ESC the juries could save her and give her a boost. And I admit that it would be too dangerous for Pastora to compete but not dangerous for her career. I don't believe that a bad placing in ESC could destroy someone's career (give me an example if you have one). And to go back to the double edged sword, the way I interpret it is you either win (or finish in top 10) or lose (below top 15). I guess Pastora's interpretation is: "I lose in ESC, then I will have successful albums, concerts etc and a dark spot with the name i.e. "20th place in ESC"". It's like people would think "oh she was so successful and she ruined everything with Eurovision". Is it really that bad? But anyway I don't believe Pastora would flop. I believe in what she can do but if she's "afraid" to enter the contest then there's nothing I can do... :/ Shame... :(


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