Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ESC 2012 - Running order of semi-finals and final

One step closer! We know the running order of the semis and the final! I'm a bit like this --> -.- because the show was supposed to begin at 11:00 CET but due to technical issues they began at 11:40... anyway.

Semi-final 1

  1. Montenegro
  2. Iceland
  3. Greece
  4. Latvia
  5. Albania
  6. Romania
  7. Switzerland
  8. Belgium
  9. Finland (WILDCARD)
  10. Israel
  11. San Marino
  12. Cyprus
  13. Denmark
  14. Russia
  15. Hungary
  16. Austria
  17. Moldova
  18. Ireland (WILDCARD)
Hm... Iceland is #2... Doesn't look good and english won't help. I stop right there though! Greece #3 and right after Iceland... ok... I guess... Cyprus #12. Good draw, right after San Marino and before Denmark... Ah nothing to say here. Let's go to semi 2!

Semi-final 2

  1. Serbia
  2. FYR Macedonia
  3. Netherlands
  4. Malta
  5. Belarus
  6. Portugal
  7. Ukraine (WILDCARD)
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Slovenia
  10. Croatia
  11. Sweden
  12. Georgia
  13. Turkey
  14. Estonia
  15. Slovakia
  16. Norway
  17. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  18. Lithuania (WILDCARD)
 Serbia opens the second semi! Nice! Sweden got a great draw! Not because of the number but the songs before Sweden are ballads and even though I haven't heard Georgia's song, I don't hear the best about it so go Loreen! Can't really comment the rest of the countries. I haven't heard all the songs yet.


01. United Kingdom
09. France
10. Italy
13. Azerbaijan
19. Spain (WILDCARD)
20. Germany

When Spain got the wildcard I literally jumped off my seat (thank God no one's around! xD) and then they pick #19 because last year Azerbaijan performed at the same number and won! What are you doing Spain???!!! But now that I think about it, Greece performed 19th in 2005 and we won! xD Naah really. But ok, it's not like they picked #1! Poor UK! Hahahahahahaha

Monday, March 19, 2012

ESC 2012 - Iceland: with "Never Forget" to Baku

You know I'm so tired of defending the icelandic version because nobody listens! Today they released the music video with the revamped version of "Mundu Eftir Mér" but with the new title "Never Forget". Yup, they're going for the english version in Baku! :( I watched the video, I listened to the english version. I love the video (again it doesn't matter if the video is good or not) but I can't say I like the english version more. I can't even say I like it as much as the icelandic! Wrong move Iceland. Wrong move Greta! I just wish you gave us the chance to vote between these two because if you "take a walk" in youtube you'll see that the majority wants the icelandic version! Even in the poll on this blog the icelandic version has more votes. And ok, I posted the poll before we heard the english version but still...

You should really follow the footsteps of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. They were ready to enter Eurovision with english versions of the songs but they won't! Because of the fans. 

All the arguments we posted all these weeks regarding the icelandic version were stronger than the ones posted about the english version. And I won't argue any more. Apparently you guys made up your minds a long time ago! It's a shame...

And here's a question from a friend on Why did you only revamp the english version? Why don't we have the icelandic version with the new arrangement? 

His guess (and I agree with him)? You wanted us to think "hey the english version sounds better!". Well it won't work on us at least.

And by the way, I've been waiting to see if the final version would be in icelandic or in english before I vote in the forum. I was going to give 12pts to the icelandic one but now you guys got a 7. I was also going to actually vote during the ESC but now I won't. And not as a punishment. I just don't feel like the english version deserves votes... That's all. Good luck Iceland!

ESC 2012 - Spain: Music video and final version of "Quédate Conmigo" released

And we have the final version and the video clip of "Quédate Conmigo"! Watch it here. The video is really nice but I won't focus on that.

So in the final version there's instrumentation added to the verses. Especially to the second one. I was excited at the beginning about these changes but I listened to the new version a few times and I think I miss the first one. Or at least the one she performed in the final. Yes, I think I prefer the one in the spanish final. But that won't stop me from giving 12 points to Spain.

Moreover I noticed a more dramatic performance by Pastora in this version. The only thing I don't like on this version is the part at 2:23. That "ooooh". But ok. It's nothing big. And because I know Pastora, her live performance will be much better. I always watch her live performances on youtube. They are epic!

So that's all about Spain! Now we wait until May. Unless of course something else comes up.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ESC 2012 - The greek entry

I was too tired to blog about this on Monday and I forgot to blog about it yesterday! Wow, I really don't care that much about Greece this year! And our song is nice! lol

Well I didn't watch the entire final. I watched the songs and then I turned it off coz I found it extremely boring! Not to mention the fact that they sang playback! Seriously? Now we don't know how it's gonna sound live! We have to wait until the rehearsals!

Anyway! Our representative this year is Eleftheria Eleftheriou with "Aphrodisiac" written by Dimitri Stassos, Mikaela Stenström and Dajana Lööf.

And as I said when I first listened to the songs, this was my winner so I'm glad about it! Good luck to us!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - LOREEN TO BAKU!! II

There's a chance that there might be a part III... I wanted to blog a bit more about yesterday coz I was so tired last night (ehm this morning?) and I forgot a few things. Now I have the feeling that I won't remember something...

So...the next day. Still EUPHORIC but please enough with Danny! I met him last year during the Mello period and he was really nice. But what the hell was that last night? And today? Actually all that is happening since Friday! He's bitching and whining every time he has the chance! I won't give you any links. Just read whichever article or watch any of the videos out there. He says the same things over and over again. You'd better stop it Danny. For your sake. You came 2nd. Just move on!

I just realised there won't be a mello Saturday next week! It's over! Over until 2013! :O Here comes the PMDS! Time flies! Really. I'll try to go back to yesterday. It was about half an hour before the final began and I noticed a photographer stopping a woman just before she took her seat in order to take a picture of her. She turned around and I knew the reason why. Right after the final was over I went to her and asked her to pose for me. Well here it is!

SCHLAGER BEBIS! Hahahahaha Amazing idea! That baby will have the best music education! Way to go mommy and daddy! Give as much schlager as possible to that baby! That baby experienced its first mello. Even inside its mamma's belly!

Some disappointed fans left their "support-stuff" in Globen... That's when you know the party is over...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - LOREEN TO BAKU!!

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT

I don't know where to start vol . I've said this phrase so many times that I lost count. EXTATIC! That was the best day of the entire 2012 and I don't care if it's still March!

Poor Danny... Once again he came 2nd. I really wouldn't wanna be in his shoes! As soon as I arrived in Globen I knew Loreen would be the winner. Everyone around me said Loreen, Loreen, Loreen. There were some contests where you were supposed to guess the winner. Everyone was saying Loreen. And then in the arena! PANIC! I don't know if you noticed that but while Sarah (Dawn Finer) was introducing Loreen, the public, well including me, was screaming and clapping. Honestly I didin't hear a word of what Sarah said! I seriously doubt if this ever happened before! Actually I'm sure about it! Not to mention the new record she made! 670.551 votes just for Loreen! 3 of them were mine! Hahahaha

Full results:

1. Loreen – "Euphoria"
2. Danny – "Amazing"
3. Ulrik Munther – "Soliders"
4. David Lindgren – "Shout it out"
5. Molly Sandén – "Why am I crying?"
6. Top Cats – "Baby Doll"
7. Dead by April – "Mystery"
8.Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern –  "Jag reser mig igen"
9. Lisa Miskovsky –  "Why Start a Fire"
10. Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li – "Mirakel"

You can't possibly imagine how happy I was when Danny got those 106 points coz right then we knew Loreen was the winner! I literally jumped off my chair! My hands hurt so much from all that clapping! Well they hurt last year too but this year was x2! :P

And then we have the one and only! Helena Paparizou!

Amazing performance of "Popular". Better than Saade!

Well I don't know what else to say about the night. I always forget all that! Oh I loved Sarah's video with Azerjan. Ajerban. Azerbaijan! :P And shame on Sweden for giving the minimum votes to Lisa Miskovsky! Less than Ranelid? Gee!

And now the fun part! Waiting for the artists at the efterfest entrance. Just like last year! ;) It was freezing cold! Really windy! When I left I couldn't feel anything! Seriously! But anyway, when I got there, there were very few people. I was looking left and right all the time to see if any of the artists was coming. As I turn my head I see right in front of me Sandra Kim!! Oh my God!! Sandra Kim!! Yup! Got a photo! :D Yay! Then my beloved Helena!! We had a little chat too! Then Eric Saade! I only took a photo with him because people hadn't seen him yet. Hahaha Had people jumped on him, I wouldn't wait for a photo but I had a chance so why let it go? Also, Marie Serneholt, Love Generation, Youngblood, Dynazty, Dead by April and David Lindgren were there but I didn't take photos with any of them. Well Marie was on the phone when she arrived so I didn't want to interrupt her. Actually out of all the artists tonight, I only wanted to see Helena and Lisa. As I said I met Helena so now I had to wait for Lisa. Luckily I recognized her while she was too far. I went to her, asked for a photo, we took it and then I said "Thank you! Now I can go home!!". Hahaha She thanked me back, hugged me and when I started walking away she said "Wait! That's for you"...

..."It's bad but..." "Haha it's ok! Thank you!" *HUG* hahaha I had the feeling that Lisa would be very friendly in person. Well I was right. ;)

And now that Loreen is going to Baku, what's the new slogan? I mean we can't keep saying "Loreen to Baku" right?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - The final's running order

Damn you Christer Björkman!

1. Shout it out - David Lindgren
2. Jag reser mig igen - Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern
3. Mystery - Dead by April
4. Why start a fire - Lisa Miskovsky
5. Baby Doll - Top Cats
6. Euphoria - Loreen
7. Soldiers - Ulrik Munther
8. Mirakel - Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li
9. Why am I crying - Molly Sandén
10. Amazing - Danny Saucedo

Look what he did to Loreen! David is in #1 and Danny in #10. These two are Christer's favourite! Let's hope the Swedes will vote wisely. Yeah right...


ESC 2012 - Spain: With Quédate Conmigo to Baku

Photo: RTVE

And here is my winner of the ESC 2012!!! Thank you Spain!!! Thank you!!! I am so gonna vote for it! And it was too obvious that "Quédate Conmigo" would be the winning song! All these weeks, in every single poll, "Quédate Conmigo" was first!

That was the best final so far! It lasted for quite a long time but I didn't mind! It's Pastora Soler we're talking about! All her performances were amazing! I'm so glad she sang live! In most of these cases they sing playback. You know when there's only one artist and they have to pick a song...

Anyway, Pastora was amazing tonight! She looked fantastic, vocally was perfect (as always) and I loved the duets with Sergio Dalma, David Bustamante, Malú and Vanesa Martin. (some of the vids are already on youtube) Oh and I love the dress she wears during the performance of  "Quédate Conmigo"!

Well, only one thing left to say.

MADRID 2013!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Andra chansen - Results

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT
The worst andra chansen EVER! And I'm talking about all the songs! With the exception of Timoteij who didn't even make it to Globen! -.- Thorsten Flinck and Revolutionsorkestern and Top Cats are the two finalists. I really don't know what to say about the whole evening. Horrible!

Whatever! The spanish NF begins in 30 minutes! Time for some QUALITY! Go Pastora!

ESC 2012 - Spain: Final

FINALLY!! March 3rd!! Tonight Spain will choose a song that's gonna be one of my all time favourite spanish -and at the same time ESC- entries! That's "Quédate Conmigo"! It's the winner in every single poll out there and the Spaniards love it so I'm sure they're gonna vote for it. I'm 99,9% sure that this will be the spanish entry of 2012! But even if they vote for "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida" or "Ahora O Nunca" I'll be fine coz it's Pastora!

During the show, to be hosted by Anne Igartiburu, Pastora will sing duets with Sergio Dalma (Spain 1991), David Bustamante (Spanish national final 2002) and Malú before the performances of the three competing entries.

3 duets and the 3 competing songs? The best NF so far!! :D Full of Pastora Soler! :D

Watch here at 22:30 CET. Fingers crossed (well no need to actually do that ;) ) for "Quédate Conmigo"!! 

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Andra chansen

Well they're "lucky" coz I was going to skip andra chansen tonight to watch the spanish final. But mello begins at 20:00 CET and the spanish final at 22:30 CET so I won't miss any of these two. Ok, andra chansen! Here are the duels!

Photo: SVT
Seriously the draw sucks! And this whole duel thing is pure crap! I mean if you have two favourites in the same pot, only one of them might make it to the final! They should make andra chansen like a simple semi where all songs have equal chances! But anyway, this year's andra chansen is the weakest in years! I only care about Timoteij making it to the final!! The rest of the songs are either meh or totally suck! Ah whatever. Timoteij to Globen!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

ESC 2012 - Greece: the 4 competing songs

Again, this is old news. The songs are out since Tuesday but as I said I don't really care about Greece this year in spite of being my country. The writers, composers and artists are still unknown. But if we combine the rumors that were going on all these weeks we actually know the artists... I've listened to all the songs and overall I like them all. They're good. No winning material but seriously, we really don't need an ESC victory right now. Just to keep our top 10 record! :P

"Killer Bee" - Cassiopeia
I like this one. Quite catchy but a kinda weird title.

"Baby I'm Yours" - Dora Katsikogianni
A lot of people say that this reminds them of Antique's "Die For You"... Well yeah, maybe the bouzouki but that's all. I like the greek elements anyway.

"No Parking" - Velvet Fire
Another weird title... I like the chorus but the verses...naah not so much. 

"Aphrodisiac" - Eleftheria Eleftheriou
And here we have our winner. At least according to the polls and I think it's my winner too.

My ranking for now is

"Killer Bee"
"Baby I'm Yours"
"No Parking"

I want to see the live performances as well... Now we wait for the final date which will be around 10th-15th March... (I guess)