Monday, March 12, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - LOREEN TO BAKU!! II

There's a chance that there might be a part III... I wanted to blog a bit more about yesterday coz I was so tired last night (ehm this morning?) and I forgot a few things. Now I have the feeling that I won't remember something...

So...the next day. Still EUPHORIC but please enough with Danny! I met him last year during the Mello period and he was really nice. But what the hell was that last night? And today? Actually all that is happening since Friday! He's bitching and whining every time he has the chance! I won't give you any links. Just read whichever article or watch any of the videos out there. He says the same things over and over again. You'd better stop it Danny. For your sake. You came 2nd. Just move on!

I just realised there won't be a mello Saturday next week! It's over! Over until 2013! :O Here comes the PMDS! Time flies! Really. I'll try to go back to yesterday. It was about half an hour before the final began and I noticed a photographer stopping a woman just before she took her seat in order to take a picture of her. She turned around and I knew the reason why. Right after the final was over I went to her and asked her to pose for me. Well here it is!

SCHLAGER BEBIS! Hahahahaha Amazing idea! That baby will have the best music education! Way to go mommy and daddy! Give as much schlager as possible to that baby! That baby experienced its first mello. Even inside its mamma's belly!

Some disappointed fans left their "support-stuff" in Globen... That's when you know the party is over...


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