Sunday, March 11, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - LOREEN TO BAKU!!

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT

I don't know where to start vol . I've said this phrase so many times that I lost count. EXTATIC! That was the best day of the entire 2012 and I don't care if it's still March!

Poor Danny... Once again he came 2nd. I really wouldn't wanna be in his shoes! As soon as I arrived in Globen I knew Loreen would be the winner. Everyone around me said Loreen, Loreen, Loreen. There were some contests where you were supposed to guess the winner. Everyone was saying Loreen. And then in the arena! PANIC! I don't know if you noticed that but while Sarah (Dawn Finer) was introducing Loreen, the public, well including me, was screaming and clapping. Honestly I didin't hear a word of what Sarah said! I seriously doubt if this ever happened before! Actually I'm sure about it! Not to mention the new record she made! 670.551 votes just for Loreen! 3 of them were mine! Hahahaha

Full results:

1. Loreen – "Euphoria"
2. Danny – "Amazing"
3. Ulrik Munther – "Soliders"
4. David Lindgren – "Shout it out"
5. Molly Sandén – "Why am I crying?"
6. Top Cats – "Baby Doll"
7. Dead by April – "Mystery"
8.Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern –  "Jag reser mig igen"
9. Lisa Miskovsky –  "Why Start a Fire"
10. Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li – "Mirakel"

You can't possibly imagine how happy I was when Danny got those 106 points coz right then we knew Loreen was the winner! I literally jumped off my chair! My hands hurt so much from all that clapping! Well they hurt last year too but this year was x2! :P

And then we have the one and only! Helena Paparizou!

Amazing performance of "Popular". Better than Saade!

Well I don't know what else to say about the night. I always forget all that! Oh I loved Sarah's video with Azerjan. Ajerban. Azerbaijan! :P And shame on Sweden for giving the minimum votes to Lisa Miskovsky! Less than Ranelid? Gee!

And now the fun part! Waiting for the artists at the efterfest entrance. Just like last year! ;) It was freezing cold! Really windy! When I left I couldn't feel anything! Seriously! But anyway, when I got there, there were very few people. I was looking left and right all the time to see if any of the artists was coming. As I turn my head I see right in front of me Sandra Kim!! Oh my God!! Sandra Kim!! Yup! Got a photo! :D Yay! Then my beloved Helena!! We had a little chat too! Then Eric Saade! I only took a photo with him because people hadn't seen him yet. Hahaha Had people jumped on him, I wouldn't wait for a photo but I had a chance so why let it go? Also, Marie Serneholt, Love Generation, Youngblood, Dynazty, Dead by April and David Lindgren were there but I didn't take photos with any of them. Well Marie was on the phone when she arrived so I didn't want to interrupt her. Actually out of all the artists tonight, I only wanted to see Helena and Lisa. As I said I met Helena so now I had to wait for Lisa. Luckily I recognized her while she was too far. I went to her, asked for a photo, we took it and then I said "Thank you! Now I can go home!!". Hahaha She thanked me back, hugged me and when I started walking away she said "Wait! That's for you"...

..."It's bad but..." "Haha it's ok! Thank you!" *HUG* hahaha I had the feeling that Lisa would be very friendly in person. Well I was right. ;)

And now that Loreen is going to Baku, what's the new slogan? I mean we can't keep saying "Loreen to Baku" right?


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