Saturday, March 3, 2012

ESC 2012 - Spain: Final

FINALLY!! March 3rd!! Tonight Spain will choose a song that's gonna be one of my all time favourite spanish -and at the same time ESC- entries! That's "Quédate Conmigo"! It's the winner in every single poll out there and the Spaniards love it so I'm sure they're gonna vote for it. I'm 99,9% sure that this will be the spanish entry of 2012! But even if they vote for "Tu Vida Es Tu Vida" or "Ahora O Nunca" I'll be fine coz it's Pastora!

During the show, to be hosted by Anne Igartiburu, Pastora will sing duets with Sergio Dalma (Spain 1991), David Bustamante (Spanish national final 2002) and Malú before the performances of the three competing entries.

3 duets and the 3 competing songs? The best NF so far!! :D Full of Pastora Soler! :D

Watch here at 22:30 CET. Fingers crossed (well no need to actually do that ;) ) for "Quédate Conmigo"!! 


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