Sunday, December 23, 2012

ESC 2013 - Ukraine picked its song

Well, I watched the NF this morning but I turned it off once all the contestants performed. I didn't watch the voting part and I saw who won a couple of hours ago. Zlata Ognevich with "Gravity" is Ukraine's entry for 2013. At least for now. :P While I was watching her performance I gave her 1 point! I take it back! It grows on me! So it's definitely not an 1! I love the backing vocals! But I will give my points in April...

ESC 2013 - Albania picked its song

Right, I just wasted 3,5 hours on the albanian NF! What the hell did you choose Albania? 17 songs, a couple of them were nice and you picked the worst! Well done guys! It should have been Kejsi Tola. I heard it for the first time this morning and after tonight's performance I love it! Much much better than her 2009 attempt! But no! No Kejsi Tola for Albania this year! They chose Bledar Sejko & Adrian Lulgjuraj with "Indetitet". I would have given Kejsi an 8. Even a 10! But these guys? A big fat zero! Better luck next year neighbours! :/

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pablo Alborán to ESC!

Yeah I know that Spain sends El Sueño de Morfeo to Malmö but the title worked for Pastora Soler so let's hope it will work for Pablo as well! In 2014... Let's say he's my new Pastora! I'm having a Pastora déjà vu with Pablo! The same obsession I had (well still have!) with Pastora I have now with Pablo! Yeah you got it (I hope!)! 

Pablo Alborán (the album) is on repeat since last Sunday! Ever since we got the news that Spain will choose their artist internally Pablo's name kept popping up in almost every eurosite! So I got interested in him. All I needed was one song. "Solamente Tú". To help you get the picture, I was listening to the song and it was around 12:20am (I remember that coz I also posted it on facebook) and I went to bed at 2:30am because I kept saying "ok one more time and then I'm going to bed". And then I listened to his first album "Pablo Alborán" (released in 2011). That was it! 

Listen to the album and see for yourselves! I don't think I ever suggested and album before. I usually don't do that coz taste differs but seriously, give this a shot! After all this album reached 6x platinum in Spain! In 2011! During the economic crisis! 'Nuff said! 

And to go back to Eurovision, yes, he can bring another great result for Spain! And he has more chances for a better result than Pastora simply because he's a guy. A really handsome guy which means more votes form the televoting. So to sum it up, Pablo is an excellent live performer (just like Pastora), he's an amazing musician, he has the looks and he can definitely get the right song for the ESC (judging by his music). Yeah his music is too spanish but that's what I, personally, like! It's not traditional music but it's spanish music! That's the point of Eurovision. Showing to the rest of Europe your music, your language, your culture! 

I'm all for Pablo Alborán to represent Spain in 2014! I believe in him the same way I believed in Pastora and I was right about the latter one. ;) Yes, I know Pastora scored extremely low on televoting but Pablo can get both the juries' and televoters' points! Spain sent a female artist in 2011, 2012 and now a group with a female vocalist so in 2014 a male artist would be the perfect choice!

ESC 2013 - Lithuania picked its song

Yup, more "old" news but I'm trying to comment all the songs that are being chosen for the ESC and so far I think I've done it. And I will try to keep up.

So, Andrius Pojavis will represent Lithuania with "Something". The chorus sounds very familiar. Once again, I don't know which song it reminds me. And once again, whenever I say "it sounds familiar" I'm not talking about plagiarism! It's an ok song. It lacks that "something"... ;)

Well, it's too early to form a full opinion about the songs...

Friday, December 21, 2012

ESC 2013 - German NF's line-up

I was never that interested in Germany's selection but this year is totally different. There's one name in that line-up that I'm rooting like hell for! Cascada! Yeah ok, their songs sound pretty much the same but I like them. I think they're perfect for the ESC. A dance song and a good show on that stage is gonna look awesome! I'm just hoping for a really good song though. It's all it takes!

  • Ben Ivory - The Righteous Ones
  • Betty Dittrich - Lalala
  • Blitzkids mvt. - Heart On The Line
  • Cascada - Glorious
  • Finn Martin - Change
  • LaBrassBanda - Nackert
  • Mobilée - Little Sister
  • Nica & Joe - Elevated
  • Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann - Ave Maris Stella
  • Saint Lu - Craving
  • Söhne Mannheims - One Love
  • Mia Diekow - Lieblingslied
No other name rings a bell so yeah. Cascada to win!

ESC 2013 - El Sueño de Morfeo for Spain

Yeah I know Lithuania picked their song last night. I'll get to it. I just take the "old" news first.

So we knew about the internal selection but I was hoping for Malú or Pablo Alborán (Pablo will get his own blog post, btw) but we got El Sueño de Morfeo instead. Never heard of them before but I did my homework. "Wikied" them, "youtubed" them and now I have a better view.

Unfortunately they're not my cup of tea. :/ Raquel's voice... I don't know how to put this. After listening to a few songs her voice starts to annoy me. No, "annoy" isn't the right word. "Irritate" maybe? Well it's her high pitched voice that bugs me. It's fine for a song or two but then I can't stand it. It's the combination of their music style and Raquel's voice. Maybe if she sang a ballad, things would be different.

Anyway, the thing is that they're not my style. But then again, it's all about the song. Who knows? Maybe in a few months I'll be here, giving them 12 points! Well, I doubt that but you never know. It's Spain. I always have a soft spot for Spain!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ESC 2013 - Belgium picked its song

I didn't watch NF (can we even call it an NF?). I tuned in for about 30 seconds but I couldn't watch it all! So amateurish! Roberto Bellarosa won with "Love Kills". I don't know what to say about the song. Definitely better than last year's "Would You?" which was a sleeping pill but even this year's attempt is nothing much. I really can't say anything right now. I will review each song (as I always do) around April. That's when I'll have a better view of each song but everything will change once the rehearsals begin. xD

ESC 2013 - Switzerland picked its song

I'm so late for everything! I'm back in Greece and I had to stay for a couple of days in Thessaloniki (no internet there) until my luggage arrived (yeah, long story). Anyway! There's a lot of euronews!

I watched the swiss NF on Saturday night. My ultimate favourite, Melissa, disappointed me that night. I adore the song (yeah I still do!) and I will keep listening to it but that live performance was really really weak! What was with that "Rebeka Dremelj" at the beginning? No choreo for Melissa. Obviously because she wanted to focus on the vocals. But then again her vocals were so weak. I was expecting a really powerful performance but I never got it. Such a shame. :( 12 points to the studio version, 4 to that live performance.

Apart from Melissa and the winners I didn't really care for the rest. Heilsarmee won with "You And Me". I'm totally fine with it and I give them an 8 (for now at least!)! I just don't get why they have that old man with them... Poor grandpa... He had no idea of what was going on! Especially at the part where they were announcing the top 3.

I've also read that Heilsarmee need to drop their name and clothes if they want to enter the contest. I don't know what's the latest news on that. But I don't really get why EBU has a problem with that. It's not like everyone knows that Heilsarmee means The Army of Salvation or what they do. Anyway...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

ESC 2013 - Belarus

We have the first entry of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013! Belarus picked their song last night. I missed the final coz I was out and I was too tired to blog when I got home but I listened to the song. "Rhythm Of Love" sung by Alyona Lanskaya. It's so familiar! So familiar!!! I can't think what other song it reminds me but like it. For now at least. Her english is pretty bad though. Anyway, it's Belarus we're talking about so let's hope this will actually be their entry. ;)