Friday, September 9, 2011

Pastora Soler to ESC!

Don't get your hopes high. It's just my wish. A wish that I seriously doubt if it will ever come true. But I had to blog about this! It's insane! Ok not that insane but for my standards, it's quite crazy. So here it is.
I have never done this before! I recently added 3 of Pastora's albums in my mp3 player and I SWEAR to God I have them on repeat for several hours a day! When I go to the university in the morning (I need about an hour) and when I get home (sometimes 2 hours if I finish after 17:00). And when I'm sitting in front of my pc (right now!) I have the album that I've listened for the first time a few days ago, on repeat! I haven't done this with Alcazar! People who know me, know that no one else is above Alcazar! They're my absolute favourite group and yet another artist is on repeat for over a week now! "Toda Mi Verdad" (2007), "Bendita Locura" (2009) and the one I heard recently, "Deseo" (2002) are the 3 albums I have on repeat and I have 5 more to go! (I'm missing her first album and her new one is on its way! "Una Mujer Como Yo" will be released on October 18th)

I saw Pastora for the first time on February 11th at the semi-final of the spanish NF. She sang "La Mala Costumbre". And that's when I became a fan! From the moment she started singing I was trying to figure out whether or not she's singing live! Well she does sing live but honestly, it's like listening to the studio version! 

I will just give you some links to some of her songs and draw your own conclusions! "Herida" is my favourite song from her album "Deseo". "Bendita Locura" and here's the live version as well, "Por Si Volvieras", "Hoy Te Ries" and my favourite "Tontas Canciones De Amor". There's no studio version of the last one on youtube but honestly there's no big difference! 

So take your pick people! Live, studio, ballad, up-tempo? She can sing anything and she's an EXCELLENT live performer. I can easily see a victory with her!

A few months ago I had a conversation about ESC (what else? :P) with a friend from Spain and he told me that Spain doesn't want to win. Or put it this way, RTVE doesn't want to win. RTVE is afraid of the cost of the ESC. But don't they get that they will earn money from the sponsors? And don't forget the eurofans that will travel to Spain just for the contest! Plus, every country contributes to the contest. And I never got why they don't want to host ESC! Spain is one of the Big 5! They always give more money than the rest of the countries! And if they do want to win, why do they choose those average songs? (2009 was an exception but what happened that year is another story!) Weak up RTVE! Send Soler to ESC!

Well I don't know about you but from now on I'm living for the day that Pastora Soler will represent Spain to ESC! And the problem here is RTVE because Pastora performed in the semi and that means at least that she's not against ESC. Soler should be selected internally by RTVE and let her team write a few songs and then make a final where people will vote for their favourite song!

Bring the contest to Madrid!!!