Thursday, December 20, 2012

ESC 2013 - Switzerland picked its song

I'm so late for everything! I'm back in Greece and I had to stay for a couple of days in Thessaloniki (no internet there) until my luggage arrived (yeah, long story). Anyway! There's a lot of euronews!

I watched the swiss NF on Saturday night. My ultimate favourite, Melissa, disappointed me that night. I adore the song (yeah I still do!) and I will keep listening to it but that live performance was really really weak! What was with that "Rebeka Dremelj" at the beginning? No choreo for Melissa. Obviously because she wanted to focus on the vocals. But then again her vocals were so weak. I was expecting a really powerful performance but I never got it. Such a shame. :( 12 points to the studio version, 4 to that live performance.

Apart from Melissa and the winners I didn't really care for the rest. Heilsarmee won with "You And Me". I'm totally fine with it and I give them an 8 (for now at least!)! I just don't get why they have that old man with them... Poor grandpa... He had no idea of what was going on! Especially at the part where they were announcing the top 3.

I've also read that Heilsarmee need to drop their name and clothes if they want to enter the contest. I don't know what's the latest news on that. But I don't really get why EBU has a problem with that. It's not like everyone knows that Heilsarmee means The Army of Salvation or what they do. Anyway...


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