Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pablo Alborán to ESC!

Yeah I know that Spain sends El Sueño de Morfeo to Malmö but the title worked for Pastora Soler so let's hope it will work for Pablo as well! In 2014... Let's say he's my new Pastora! I'm having a Pastora déjà vu with Pablo! The same obsession I had (well still have!) with Pastora I have now with Pablo! Yeah you got it (I hope!)! 

Pablo Alborán (the album) is on repeat since last Sunday! Ever since we got the news that Spain will choose their artist internally Pablo's name kept popping up in almost every eurosite! So I got interested in him. All I needed was one song. "Solamente Tú". To help you get the picture, I was listening to the song and it was around 12:20am (I remember that coz I also posted it on facebook) and I went to bed at 2:30am because I kept saying "ok one more time and then I'm going to bed". And then I listened to his first album "Pablo Alborán" (released in 2011). That was it! 

Listen to the album and see for yourselves! I don't think I ever suggested and album before. I usually don't do that coz taste differs but seriously, give this a shot! After all this album reached 6x platinum in Spain! In 2011! During the economic crisis! 'Nuff said! 

And to go back to Eurovision, yes, he can bring another great result for Spain! And he has more chances for a better result than Pastora simply because he's a guy. A really handsome guy which means more votes form the televoting. So to sum it up, Pablo is an excellent live performer (just like Pastora), he's an amazing musician, he has the looks and he can definitely get the right song for the ESC (judging by his music). Yeah his music is too spanish but that's what I, personally, like! It's not traditional music but it's spanish music! That's the point of Eurovision. Showing to the rest of Europe your music, your language, your culture! 

I'm all for Pablo Alborán to represent Spain in 2014! I believe in him the same way I believed in Pastora and I was right about the latter one. ;) Yes, I know Pastora scored extremely low on televoting but Pablo can get both the juries' and televoters' points! Spain sent a female artist in 2011, 2012 and now a group with a female vocalist so in 2014 a male artist would be the perfect choice!


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