Thursday, March 1, 2012

ESC 2012 - Greece: the 4 competing songs

Again, this is old news. The songs are out since Tuesday but as I said I don't really care about Greece this year in spite of being my country. The writers, composers and artists are still unknown. But if we combine the rumors that were going on all these weeks we actually know the artists... I've listened to all the songs and overall I like them all. They're good. No winning material but seriously, we really don't need an ESC victory right now. Just to keep our top 10 record! :P

"Killer Bee" - Cassiopeia
I like this one. Quite catchy but a kinda weird title.

"Baby I'm Yours" - Dora Katsikogianni
A lot of people say that this reminds them of Antique's "Die For You"... Well yeah, maybe the bouzouki but that's all. I like the greek elements anyway.

"No Parking" - Velvet Fire
Another weird title... I like the chorus but the verses...naah not so much. 

"Aphrodisiac" - Eleftheria Eleftheriou
And here we have our winner. At least according to the polls and I think it's my winner too.

My ranking for now is

"Killer Bee"
"Baby I'm Yours"
"No Parking"

I want to see the live performances as well... Now we wait for the final date which will be around 10th-15th March... (I guess)


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