Saturday, March 3, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Andra chansen

Well they're "lucky" coz I was going to skip andra chansen tonight to watch the spanish final. But mello begins at 20:00 CET and the spanish final at 22:30 CET so I won't miss any of these two. Ok, andra chansen! Here are the duels!

Photo: SVT
Seriously the draw sucks! And this whole duel thing is pure crap! I mean if you have two favourites in the same pot, only one of them might make it to the final! They should make andra chansen like a simple semi where all songs have equal chances! But anyway, this year's andra chansen is the weakest in years! I only care about Timoteij making it to the final!! The rest of the songs are either meh or totally suck! Ah whatever. Timoteij to Globen!


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