Saturday, October 1, 2011

Music playlists for driving

OK I’m back. For a while… Too busy with the uni = no time or energy to blog… But seeing some entrants of the swiss selection made me find some time to blog about it. But first I will blog about some playlists… I saw Regina Lund’s status on facebook asking for songs to listen while driving. I made some playlists a while ago and I had planned to blog about it. Now it’s the time.

So the first playlist is for driving at night. There are some songs that when I listen to them I really wanna get the car and go for a driving at night! Of course there’ll be songs you don’t like or songs that are missing from that playlist. You can add or remove whatever you want. This is just personal but be sure that I will forger to add some songs. :P Oh and the playlists are really mixed! All kinds of genres are in there! It’s just that melody that made me put them here.

Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat 
Inna - Amazing
Inna - Hot
Dj Vivo ft Vega - רסיסים
Ela Rose fr David Deejay - I Can Feel 
Yarabi - I Amar
Keri Hilson - I Like
Armin Van Buuren ft Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love
Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull – On The Floor
Playmen & Alceen - Feel Your Love
Playmen fr Reckless - Together Forever or the Onirama & Paparizou version
Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love
Wildboyz ft Ameerah - The Sound Of Missing You
Donna Summer - To Paris With Love (Original Version or Mendy Radio Edit)
B.o.B ft Hayley Williams of Paramore - Airplanes
Sanna Nielsen - Tomorrow Ends Today
Sanna Nielsen - Demolition Woman
Sanna Nielsen - Nobody Without You
Måns Zelmerlöw - Brother Oh Brother
Annikafiore - Forbidden Love
Helena Paparizou - Baby It’s Over
Helena Paparizou - Love Me Crazy
Schiller ft Kim Sanders - Let Me Love You
Pink - Sober
Rihanna - Te Amo
Velvet - Chemistry
Dilba - Try Again
Xandee - Dreamworlds
Xandee - I Need You
Dana International - Hakol Ze Letova 
Helena Paparizou - Teardrops
Celine Dion - I Drove All Night
Caroline Jönsson - By My Side

These are some songs for driving at night. I'm sure I forgot a lot but that's what I remember so far. Be careful though! Some of the songs are really relaxing so I wouldn't recommend them if you can easily fall asleep while listening to music! The sound of the car's engine and relaxing music make me wanna sleep so I don't use these when I'm the one driving the car! :P
Now let's go to the playlist for driving during daytime.

Ola - Overdrive
Pastora Soler - Hoy Te Ries
Pastora Soler - Tontas Canciones De Amor
Pastora Soler - Bendita Locura
Pastora Soler - Herida
Linda Pritchard - Not Even Hello
Linda Pritchard - Satellite
Antoine Clamaran ft Soraya - Live Your Dreams
Goldfinger - January
Azúcar Moreno - Amén
Cher - Believe

Oh I can keep going but really the lists will never end! And I know I have so many songs that I like to listen while driving but even when I make the playlists I forget to add them! So I guess that's it...


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