Friday, October 21, 2011

Pastora Soler: "I don't want to go to Eurovision"

She killed me! :( She was my only hope for Spain and she's not interested in Eurovision! And I thought her appearance in the spanish NF last February was a positive sign... 
I saw a link at her official page on Facebook with an interview. An interview made by her fans. You know that kind of online interviews where the fans ask questions and the artist answers... Anyway I took a quick look at the interview and question #24 caught my eye. I don't speak spanish (well I know around 100 words maybe) but you don't need to speak spanish in order to understand the question. Here it is:

24. ¿Te gustaría ir a Eurovisión, Pastora?

I don't think I need to translate this. Right? She said "no"! "No"! :( Whoever asked this question should also add the phrase "and if not, why not?" to his/her question. Well he or she didn't ask why not but I did! A while ago I saw this at her facebook page. Apparently there will be another online interview but I think this one will be on the radio. I submitted my question and I really hope they post the interview somewhere because if it's on the radio I won't be able to hear it. I have a class at 13:00! Damn it! Let's hope I get an answer and most importantly an answer where she leaves an open window for a possible participation in the future...

If you guys want to read the entire interview click here. The interview is in spanish but you can use google translator or something like that.


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