Saturday, October 8, 2011

ESC 2012 - The swiss NF (Review of some songs)

OK so I decided to review all of them! But not at once! And I don't make a lot of comments. I just say if I like it or not and perhaps something more in some of them. I won't put links to all of them. It will take too much time. If you want to listen to the songs go ahead and click here. I reviewed all the songs until the artists beginning with the letter "F".

!lluminati – Dream Of You
I like it but don’t think it will do well on ESC.

$ophie Solen – Justicia
Eehm... Plagiarism or what? However I really like it!!

*Fleur Magali* - Made To Love
Nothing special. Quite boring.

*ORLANDO BAY* - New Orpheus
I changed song in the first 10 seconds!

*Peter* - Second Chance
I have to say that I prefer Peter’s last year’s attempt… I like the lyrics but I’ve said it too many times. I’m not a ballad-lover. Wish him good luck anyways coz I like him!

A Band Called Nafta - Everybody Wants My Money
Ehm… give this to Greece maybe? :P Don’t like it.

A Mega NRG Man - Dance The Night
Too ‘90s… Naah I don’t know…

ABACAY & Tommy Fresh - How Can I Feel Complete..
I loved the music from the first second but then… no.

Advertising Space - Here I Stand
Ok song but no wow factor.

AETERNITAS - Can You Hear The Demons
Oh my God! (in a really bad way!)

Albana Azizi - I love it
No, I don’t love it. I just like it.

ALEEMA - Mr. Millionaire
I actually like this! It’s quite catchy!

Don’t like it...

Reminds me of another song but don’t know which one... Anyway I don’t like this.

Alex Rémy - *Jolie Jolie Jolie Baby*
Don’t like this at all! The chorus is too annoying for my taste!

Alexander von Arx - Sweet Marion J
I like his voice but not the song...

Alexandrin/ Bulgarien - When Lights Go On
Ok song but I don’t like his accent.

Anna - Silly Billy
Sweet song but quite Finland 2011.

Asaf Or Shenhav - Lifetime Lover
I don’t like it.

Atomic-Angels - Black Symphony
I like this one! 

Ben Pyne – Lantern
Ballad. I don’t think I need to say more here. (Trust me though. If I find a good ballad you’ll see some really positive comments!)

Bernarda Brunovic - I belong to You
Really nice voice but honestly this sounds quite amateurish.

Besa Nova - Tell me
No. No!

BIG CITY - crystal eyes
I don’t like it.

Biljana Krizanac - You will always have a friend
Just ok.

Biljana Obradovic Bixy - No Chance For Us
Don’t like it.

BluePearl - Welcome back to the show
This style is not my cup of tea.

Buket – Help
I like it.

Candy Benson - Shy Boy
Something doesn’t sound right here...

Carlos Santoo - Coffee No 1
The only thing I like is the title! Gee! What’s this?

Carlos Santoo feat. Laila - Siesta Girl
He sent another one? For God’s sake!

Cathryn - The Beginning

Celine - Look Up To The Stars
Dion? :P Haha ok. Hm maybe Switzerland needs another Celine in order to win? ;)

Chris Hess – Hello
Nothing much here.

Christine Lauterburg - Hinderem Berg und änet em See
Come again?

christine schön - sunny way
That would be good for a commercial.

Christopher - Fly High
I don’t like it.

Circle of time – Myrene
Don’t like it.

Clifford Village Band – Glitter
Don’t like it.

Container 6 - I bi ke Löu
Not my thing!

Not a fan of this. But I like her voice.

Danièl Harb - FiRE!
Don’t like it! 

Daniel Piechota feat. Kristin Sóley - BY MY SIDE

Daria - An Affair
Quite good.

David Holler – Odeon
Not something I wanna see on the ESC stage.

Debby - The Lie

Deniz Reno - Flower To A Bee
Great voice! About the song… nah.. :/

Didier Uwayo - Live it up
Like it! A lot!

Dietrich - Sunshiny Days
Nope. Don’t like it.

DJ Al Pine & Anne Lee feat. MC N. Dooh - Mountains high
I liked it until she began singing… :/

Doctor Jazz & Saxy Music - Saxyphone (Talkin' Sexy On...)
Don’t like it.

I like the multilingual thing but that’s all.

Dominik Roe - Freedom in your Eyes
I only like the music.

Eduardo Avero Orlando Florida - Early in the morning
Just ok.

Eli Kaldwell - The First Words Ever Spoken
I like him and I like the song.

Emel – She
Too Arabic for Switzerland.

Eric Himan - "You're Gonna Need Me"
Don’t like it.

ErRic is Blue - Soul 2 Soul
Don’t like it.

Erwan Smith - Can't Stand Still

Estella Benedetti & Michael Giger - Stand behind me
Don’t like it.

Evelyne Kessler – YOU
Don’t like it.

Evera Djali Azerbaijan/Russia - Step My Way
Don’t like it.

FEATHERLIKE - Moon Over Berlin
I like only the music.

Don’t like it.

Flourish – Treasure
Don’t like it.

Francesca Priest - Learn To Love Again

Francheska - Losing way
Don’t like it.

Don’t like it!!

Frank&Friends - True Love is growing
What’s this? :S

FREAKOUT 6 - Sun go down
Nice vocals here…

Freakout6 - Fly Away
I don’t like this one.

Fredy Chnorz - Europe will dance with me
Is this some kind of a joke?

Fredy Chnorz - A Laughter around the world
That's it for today! Out of those I like

$ophie Solen – Justicia
*Peter* - Second Chance
ALEEMA - Mr. Millionaire
Atomic-Angels - Black Symphony
Buket – Help
Celine - Look Up To The Stars
Daniel Piechota feat. Kristin Sóley - BY MY SIDE
Daria - An Affair
Didier Uwayo - Live it up


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