Saturday, October 15, 2011

ESC 2012 - The swiss NF (Review of some songs) II

Artists from "G" 'til "J". Listen to the songs here.

Gerry Miles: Me, Myself And I
What kind of lyrics are these? Oh God! And I don’t like his voice.

Graciela: You Again
I liked the beginning but then… Nah nothing much here. She has a nice voice though.

Guido Bugmann: One More Try
Ballad. And no, I don’t like it.

HammerTime / Michael Hammer, Tobias Soder: Be Yourself
Ok song. But not the one I want to hear in ESC.

Hans Otto von Allmen: In The U.S.A.
Oh God!

HDT ft Desi Valentine: Stand With Me
I really like this one! Really nice!!

Heidi Louise: What Does This Mean?
Nice voice. Boring song.

Heiner Gabele: Soll ich soll ich nicht
Hm not a bad song but not my cup of tea…

Heinz Winckler: Who You Really Are
I like this one!

Homies: Partysafari

Horoscope: Venomous
Hm... I don’t know if I like it or not… Something bugs me…

Hundred Days: Suffering is a teacher
I don’t like this.

Hörsturz: Magic Hands
Nice melody!! But I don’t know… Not one of my favourites.

I Quattro: Fragile
Don’t like it.

Isabelle Stettler : Wunder
I almost fell asleep.

IVO: Peace & Freedom
Heartbreaking video and nice lyrics but as a song is not much. 

Jaan: Like A Tree
Don’t like it.

Jack The Planet: Let me out
Don’t like it.

Jam: Bounce
Don’t like it.

Jana Josephina: On Danse Ensemble
Don’t like it.

Jane Fountaine: Onduuruu
”Onduuruuuuuu”. Ah I don’t like this. Boring ballad.

Jay-Roc & Jakebeatz feat. Kei: 365
Ok song…

Jerry Miller: Feel that way

Jill Wick: Escape
Quite nice!

jO Mettraux: L'as-tu vu passer?
Don’t like it.

John Hänni: You Love Me For Me
Don’t like it.

Joy Amelie: Lass es regnen
Nice voice. Nice song.

Julien Victor: Téquila
Don't really like it.


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