Saturday, February 2, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - First semi - Results

Photo: Lindwall Sven
First semi is over. Yup. It was the worst mello semi ever! I can't believe that the songs were that bad! Out of 2549 songs that were sent to SVT this year, these 8 were what? The best? Those that can do great in ESC? Are you kidding me? Obviously they're not picking the songs with that criteria! The thought of switching to another preselection round crossed my mind. Too many times. But I didn't do it. Because it's Melodifestivalen! 

Well let's go to the results... David Lindgren with "Skyline" and Yohio with "Heartbreak Hotel" are the two finalists! I was 100% sure about David. I had no clue about the rest.

To andra chansen: Cookies N Beans with "Burning Flags" and Eric Gadd with "Vi kommer aldrig att förlora".

5. "Gosa" – Mary N'diaye
6. "We’re Still Kids" – Michael Feiner & Caisa
7. "Porslin" – Anna Järvinen
8. "Paris" – Jay-Jay Johanson

Really I can't say anything here. About the interval acts, well I was chatting at the same time so I missed a few frames. I can't say I was a big fan. Oh and Danny, please, come out already!

I really really hope that the next semi will have some nice songs. We really need them!


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