Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Greece 2013 - The songs

All day at the uni, then at work, now I'm back and it's time to comment my country's candidates.

Aggeliki Iliadi - "Hilies Ke Mia Nihtes"
Ok that's not greek music. It's more a mixture of arabic and turkish music but it's not uncommon to hear such songs in Greece. I totally dislike that genre. Really really not my cup of tea.

Alex Leon ft Giorgina - "Angel"
What the hell is this? I have one word to describe the music of this song. Hubbub (thanks to google translator coz I never wanted to use that greek word in english before). The rest of it is just too bland. Nothing special and very forgettable.

Thomai Apergi - "One Last Kiss"
Well hello there Nina Zilli! But I actually like this. I think it's my favourite! Totally not greek but it's closer to what I like!

Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis - "Alcohol Is Free"
Ok that's just horrible! I listened to this once. I can't do this again.

So I obviously have a clear winner. Compared to last year, this NF has more diversity which is a good thing. Yeah it's not the music I like but I'm not Europe... ;)


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