Friday, February 15, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - Rehearsals of the third semi

Busy day yesterday! I was all day at the uni and I almost missed the german final coz I was in the lab. So, no time to blog about the mello rehearsals. But here I am! Let's go!

Eddie Razaz - Alibi
I like this! It's a bit David Lindgren and a bit Anton Ewald but that's mello!

Elin Petersson - Island
Nice hairdo! xD The song... ehm ok I guess...

Ravaillacz - En Riktig Jävla Schlager
Oh my God! This is embarassing and no! It's not en riktig jävla schlager! At all!

Amanda Fondell - Dumb
Oh those mirrors are so Cyprus 2005! I'm not crazy about the song. I guess I was expecting something else. It's not bad though...

Martin Rolinski - In And Out Of Love
I like it! For some reason I'm expecting a gimmick here. We'll see if there is one. (I'm not reading  bloggers' comments so I don't know anything more other than what I see in those 1 minute clips) Oh and I'm glad Martin got a haircut! He looks so much better!

Caroline af Ugglas - Hon Har Inte
The classic Caroline but I'm afraid I don't like this one.

State of Drama - Falling
Radio song. I like his voice and generally it's not boring.

Janet Leon - Heartstrings
Like like like! Give me more!

It's Martin and Janet to the final for me!


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