Saturday, February 23, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - Fourth semi - Results

Photo: Lindwall Sven
Fourth semi is over and honestly I couldn't care less about the results right now. ALCAZAR! Just wow!

Ok so Ulrik Munther with "Tell The World I'm Here" and Ralf Gyllenhammar with "Bed On Fire" made it to the final. Ehm. Ok.

To andra chansen: Behrang Miri with "Jalla Dansa Sawa" and Robin Stjernberg with "You".
Damn I wanted Behrang to the final!

5. "Breaking The Silence" – Terese Fredenwall
6. "Rockin' The Ride" – Army of Lovers
7. "Trivialitet" – Sylvia Vrethammar
8. "Must Be Love" – Lucia Piñera

So Army of Lovers didn't make it. Not even to the ac! But really couldn't they sing live? I mean camera caught La Camilla lip synching! Lame! And damn I was so close about Sylvia! Not last. Second-to-last! At least the cleaning crew won't have so much work to do in her dressing room. xD

So yeah, highlights of the 4th semi: Petra Mede, Sarah Dawn Finer and Alcazar. Anything BUT the competing songs!
And once again all the good songs are in andra chansen! 
EDIT: So after hearing all 32 songs I have to say one thing. Why couldn't Lisa Miskovsky enter this year with "Why Start A Fire"? It would have been the perfect entry for the hosts! :(  


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