Saturday, February 23, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013 - 1st general rehearsal of the 4th semi (plus some extra details about my day in Malmö)

Back from Malmö! What a day! And night! I left Linköping at 10:18 (yeah I'm becoming a Swede lol) and arrived in Malmö at 13:35. Again, the only reason I went there is Alcazar! I knew in which hotel they were staying (long story but honestly if you follow them on instagram it's not difficult to find out ;)) so I went there to meet them. I will leave out lots of details on the how-I-knew-about-their-schedule. Anyway, they weren't there. I left and went to Malmö Arena hoping to run into them. I was out in the cold for about two hours. Almost froze to death (yeah not the first time I'm doing this). During these two hours I saw Danny and Gina (didn't care to talk to them or take a photo), Jean-Pierre of Army of Lovers (nope, no photo with him either. too "frozen" and too depressed to the idea that I might not meet my Alcazar) and La Camilla of AoL! Now, I'm not 100% sure it was her... She was wearing snglasses (it was cloudy!) so it has to be her right?

And the time went by... I decided to go inside the mall which was right across the street. Just for 5 minutes. To get my body temperature back to normal. Needless to say that I was terrified that Alcazar might show up while I was inside. Well I knew the girls would stay in the arena all day but who could guarantee that they actually stay in? Andreas was tricky. I was told he was in the arena but he wasn't. I went outside again and within the next 2-3 minutes a bus stopped and Andreas got off! It took me a while to recognize him and I literally stopped him on his way in! We talked for a few seconds and he went inside. Last thing he told me: "Don't freeze to death!" I was thinking "aaaww how sweet" but I said "I will!" (like "I will because of you (Alcazar)! Coz I want to see you! So I will freeze to death if I have to!") Anyway, let's go to the part you're probably reading the post for.

General rehearsal
After meeting Andreas I went back to the mall so I wouldn't freeze to death. The arena doors were still closed. But eventually they opened the doors, I went inside and I got my seat (a good one I might add) and the show began.

Opening act! A great one! They make it look like we're about to watch Eurovision's final! The music, the old ESC logo, the commentators! Danny and Gina acting like Ell and Leyla. I laughed a lot with that and you'll see why... ;) And then comes Petra! Petra Mede! She scolds them for making fun of it and doing her job! She takes over and presents Melodifestivalen in french! Respect! Her french (even though I dislike the language) is really really good! Totally the best choice to host the ESC (Sarah Dawn Finer would be great for me as well but I don't know if she speaks french). Sarah had her own part in the semi... ;)

Then we go to the first contestants. Army of Lovers! I don't know what to say about their song. It's weird with a "wtf is this?" feeling but catchy at the same time! I liked what I saw but it could have been better. It's AoL after all!

Lucia Piñera is next. Yeah the song is too Adele but I like it! Nothing special on stage. Unlike AoL.

Robin Stjernberg gets on stage and I have to say that the song is good but his voice still annoys me... Smoke and dancers on stage.

Then comes Sylvia Verthammar with the ultimate snoozefest! And probably the most boring staging of this year's mello! In the mello magazine there's a question asked to her: "What will you do if you finish last?". She replies: "I will go to my dressing room and break everything!". I say: The cleaning crew will have a lot of work to do in Sylvia's dressing room. ;)

And here comes Ralf Gyllenhammar. Remember when I told you I got scared for a sec? I was prepeared yesterday. Can't say the same about the rest of the audience though. There's a lot of fire on stage. I was sitting quite far (as you can see) and I felt the heat! I wonder what those people in the first row felt!

Behrang Miri. All I'm gonna say here is: SEND HIM TO THE FINAL!! Love the song! So happy and uplifting! Amazing!

Terese Fredenwall tries to pull a Lisa Miskovsky but it doesn't work for me. Sorry.

And finally we have Ulrik Munther. He grew up in one year! At least that's how he seemed to me. And I liked what I saw.

Then it's (fake) voting time. The weekly video they do (which I didn't pay any attention to) and the (fake) results. Army of Lovers are 6th, Behrang 7th and Ulrik 8th! xD

And here comes the highlight of the evening! The reason I came to Malmö! Alcazar's comeback! New fluo outfits, new choreos and a new member. Danny. Well they start without him with "Stay The Night" then "Alcastar" and Danny joins them in "Not A Sinner Nor A Saint". I was really negative about Danny joining them but I have to say it was good! What I'm really happy about is that I got to see them performing "Stay The Night" in a big arena. A la Melodifestivalen! Simply amazing!!

I actually left the rehearsal right after Alcazar performed. Andreas told me earlier that they would leave right away so I left too. I went back to their hotel waiting for them. While I was waiting (outside again! brr) a woman passed me by. It was dark, she was wearing a hood... I thought it was Lina. She looked at me but she didn't react so I thought it wasn't her. I found Andreas and Tess later at a hotel a few steps away from the one they were staying. (it's a hotel chain. in both hotels are staying the artists and crew of mello). They were outside ready to go so yeah. I finally met them! They told me Lina had gone back to the hotel coz her baby was with her in Malmö. So I'm pretty sure it was Lina who passed right in front of me earlier...

Anyway I got my photo with Andreas, Tess and a "new" member who I asked to pose as "Lina". Sarah Dawn Finer! I got to meet Sarah too! :D Oh, I talked with Andreas (obviously) and he asked me if I liked the show. Apart from the "YES!!!" I told him that they need to come back!

- In mello?
- No. Generally! Alcazar needs to come back!
- Mmm we will see how it turns out... (And he had a look)
- Should I take that as a hint?
- Mmm I don't know (that look again)... we'll see... (getting serious) You never know.

Oh my God! Please please let that be a comeback! Pleeeeease!

And to end the post, let me tell you that I missed (more like I let it leave) the last train back to Linköping! Thank God I found a Burger King that is open until 6am on Fridays and Saturdays! Otherwise I'd be screwed. Big time! There's no way I'd stay out for 6-7 hours in that cold! I'd had to find a hotel and pay A LOT. I couldn't afford spending more money. I really couldn't! Well I "blame" Alcazar for that. But I couldn't leave without seeing them! Even though I didn't see Lina... :/ Call me crazy for doing that. Call me an idiot or whatever you want. I might be at some level. But I love them.


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