Saturday, February 18, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Third semi - Results

Photo: Christian Ornberg/Expressen
I don't even want to comment the fact that Björn Ranelid made it to the final! I'm gonna have to watch that thing live! At least Sara Li saves the situation. Not entirely though. Hope Ranelid gets sick or something and he skips the final. Yeah right!

On the other hand I am really happy for Molly Sandén!! She made it to Globen! :D Yay!

Youngblood and Andreas Johnson to andra chansen. Meh to both of them!

5th place - Mattias Andréasson. Just wow Sweden. You left him out? Seriously?
6th place - Love Generation. Well no surprise here. Their song wasn't that strong.
7th place - Carolina Wallin Pérez. I liked her song! And just because she sang Kent she was high on my list! :P
8th place - Maria BenHajji. I liked her song too but she was way to nervous!

Ok Sweden! That's all for tonight! Thank you once again for these CRAPPY RESULTS! :)

Now do the most stupid thing in the entire Eurovision's history and send Ranelid to Baku! Come on! Do it! -.-



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