Saturday, February 11, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - The full songs of heat 2 in Göteborg!

Here are the full songs of tonight's semi!!

1. Soldiers - Ulrik Munther
Big hype for nothing. It's all about his name. I don't really like the song after all and his accent is bad when he sings "soldiers"! I mean you can't pronounce correctly the title of the song? But yeah ok that's absolutely nothing. It's me. I have the problem. No doubt he'll make it to Globen. I just hope he stays there.

2. Baby Doll - Top Cats 
I don't like this. I just don't. As I said it's "The King" all over again!

3. I Din Himmel - Sonja Aldén 
Ah... I just like the chorus. Ballad... Sorry...

4. Aldrig Aldrig - Andreas Lundstedt 
Ok I love this! Probably because it's Andy's song but that can't change now. I love it! But I'm gonna like it more in a few hours. Just give me Andreas on a stage and let him sing whatever! Love seeing him performing! And judging by that 1 minute snippet from the rehearsals I'm sure we'll see something great! :)

5. Stormande Hav - Timoteij 
I really miss "Kom"... I like "Stormande Hav" but "Kom" was much better. I still want Timoteij to Globen though!

6. Shout It Out - David Lindgren
Wow. I actually like this! To ac.

7. Det Går För Långsamt - Mimi Oh
Yup I still like this but it's nothing much. I want to see the performance as well.

8. Ge Aldrig Upp - Thomas Di Leva
I don't like this. The Swedes seem to like Di Leva a lot so I won't be surprised if he goes through...

A couple of hours left! Fingers crossed for Andreas!

Watch live here at 20:00 CET. 



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