Saturday, February 11, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Second semi - Results

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT
Ulrik Munther and David Lindgren made it to Globen.

Timoteij and  Top Cats made it to andra chansen.

5th place - Thomas Di Leva
6th place - Sonja Aldén
7th place - Andreas Lundstedt
8th place - Mimi Oh

Too predictable that Ulrik would make it to Globen. David was the surprise but only because he wasn't so famous. Timoteij's song wasn't "Kom" vol 2 so ac was quite expected. Top Cats? What are they doing to ac?

Despite his name Di Leva couldn't go through. To me it's a surpriste that he finished 5th! Sonja.... well the song was a bit boring... Poor Andy! :( He did his best tonight and he finished 7th! :( Not even in ac! And Mimi Oh? Well I thought she'd be around 7th to 8th. Well 8th it is.

The possitive thing is that Ulrik, David and Danny will split the votes in the final and they will cancel each other out leaving the first spot for Loreen! I mean isn't that what happened in 2010? Eric Saade, Darin and Salem Al Fakir cancelled each other out and Anna Bergendahl won! ;)



David said...

I've got to say I like you logic for Loreen in the final but in 2010 I think it was different then what you say. Eric, Darin, and Salem were all (if I remember right) "fanwank" songs. Ana on the other hand was not really one. They divided the fan/girl votes and Ana made through the split.

This year its clear that Loreen is a fanwank song. I think that no fanwanks came out of the 2nd semi. But its clear to me at least that Danny, Charlotte, and maybe Love Generation will join Loreen as fanwank songs. With that said I think that they will split the fan vote and while Ulrik and Danny split the girl vote it will make room for someone like David to win.

Thats my opinion. What do you think?

IfI said...

Hm.. I don't know. Loreen (according to the swedish press) is one of the favourites to win this year. And I mean really really favourite! Charlotte will probably make it to Globen but after that she has no chances. Of course it depends on the song but still... Love Generation need a pretty good song. Judging by last year's performance I'd say they might not even make it to ac!

Danny is also a favourite to win even though we still haven't heard his song. Don't be surprised if he actually wins. (Which is really bad. It would be like sending a Saade vol 2)

David was a surprise to me. He proved that in his case it was all about the song. Of course we can take under consideration the fact that it was a weak semi. I mean really weak!

Well you know, ESC and Melodifestivalen are pretty hard to predict. You can't possibly know what people are going to vote for...

David said...

Well the press says that now but they haven't heard the last 14 songs or 8 songs if you don't count this week. Therefore someone else could come in and take Loreen's place.

If you think about it Danny has been a favorite to win even before the songs were released. Loreen on the other hand was just someone else taking place in the contest before we heard her song.

But like you said ESC and MF are hard to predict and we only wait and see what happens.

IfI said...

Well yeah I still think that Danny might be the winner. But there are a lot of male singers this year that little girls will vote for, so I wanna stick to my first scenario about them splitting the votes. :P

At least I will vote for Loreen. As many times as I can!

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