Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ESC 2012 - Spain: 4 songs released to the public

The songs are out! Maybe old news to you by now but I got home a couple of hours ago. Anyway! Here are all the songs.

Quédate Conmigo
Pastora's favourite! And apparently most of the eurofans like this one! Especially the Spanish ones! Which is good. I like it. I had to listen to this a couple of times to like it. A lot! Although I don't know how positive this is. I'm a fan and I needed to hear it a couple of times. In ESC you have to convince millions of people that you have the best song and you have only 3 minutes. And in Spain's case you only have 3 minutes since they compete only in the final! But I trust Pastora. Listening to the studio version is not enough. Personally I prefer to watch her live performances on youtube and not just listen to the studio versions. She's one of the best performers I've ever seen! That said, the 3 minutes seem to be enough after all. ;)

Tu Vida Es Tu Vida
Now I hope you listened to this song from the link I provided above because if you "youtubed" it there's a chance you listened to the album version. The ESC version is slightly different. They added a beat which is missing form the album version. I love this song! I loved it since the first time I heard it! I don't have to say a lot here...

Me Despido De Ti
I really like this one. "Una Mujer Como Yo" is a fantastic album! I love all the songs in it. But I don't want this one to ESC.

Ahora O Nunca
I like this one too. But another one that I don't want to see in ESC...

So the voting is between Me Despido De Ti and Ahora O Nunca. It will end on February 20th. I don't really mind seeing any of these two in the spanish final but definitely Tu Vida Es Tu Vida or Quedate Conmigo to ESC! All I know is that Pastora will bring a great result to Spain and it was about time! 


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