Thursday, February 9, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Snippets of the first rehearsals - Semi 2 Göteborg

Ok the snippets of today's rehearsals are up! Which means one minute of each song and act is available! Let's see!

1. Soldiers - Ulrik Munther
Just an ok song! No wow-factor at all! No way I want this on ESC when we have Loreen! But keep an eye on Ulrik. Unfortunately the teenage girls will send him to Globen and maybe to Baku. (no thank you!)

2. Baby Doll - Top Cats 
Wow. I din't know the Playtones entered Mello 2012! Come on! Seriously? It's "The King" all over again. Don't like it!

3. I Din Himmel - Sonja Aldén 
I like Sonja but the song... Hm nothing much for me. It's a ballad which means, well you know, I don't like it. (Spain and Israel in ESC can have as many ballads as they want but it's off topic right now) The thing is that it's not a great ballad so I don't like it. I totally prefer Sonja's Mello 2007 entry! Maybe I need to listen to "I Din Himmel" a few more times but I don't know if it will grow on me... :/

4. Aldrig Aldrig - Andreas Lundstedt 
Dandy Andy! I'm gonna say a lot here and I think you know why. ;P Ok I don't read or watch any interviews of the Mello artists. Except for Andreas'. So I know a bit more about the song and why he picked this song and why there's not much dancing (in that 1 minute snippet at least). Andreas wanted to focus on his vocal performance. To show us what he's capable of and I think we can see that in "Aldrig Aldrig". I like the song but again nothing special that can make Europe go crazy. It has a very familiar sound. Mello sound? Hm I'll call it mello sound. I don't see him in Globen. Unfortunately. Hopefully to andra chansen? He's in a difficult semi even though out of these first 4 songs I like only Andreas'. But of course I'm biased hahaha. It's proven that the Swedes vote for names and not for the songs. I don't know... maybe it's because I'm not used to it but I can't see Andreas solo. I want the Alcazar Andreas! He needs Alcazar! He needs his girls. We need the Alcazar music!!!

5. Stormande Hav - Timoteij
Oh my God!! Oh my God!!! I read so many comments about this! About "Stormande Hav" being an exact copy of "Kom" but this is nowhere near it!!! I'm out of words! Totally not what I expected! I'm quite disappointed! So this is it. Loreen to Baku hands down and I don't care that we have 2 more semis to go!

6. Shout It Out - David Lindgren
Ah nothing again. This semi is really bad! This is totally not the worst song. And it's not bad either but I don't see it going far.

7. Det Går För Långsamt - Mimi Oh
 I like this! I like Mimi! Good for the ESC? Naah.

8. Ge Aldrig Upp - Thomas Di Leva
I wonder if Thomas ever wears pants! I never liked this bizzare style! As for the song, I don't like it much.

Seriously this is a really bad semi! And if it wasn't for the "big" names I'd say that Andreas has a chance. Needless to say that I want him in Globen right? So biaseeed! :P Fingers crossed for my man! I'm gonna vote for him!



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