Thursday, February 23, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Snippets of the first rehearsals - Semi 4 Malmö

Ok snippets are out! Let's see Malmö!

1. The Girl - Charlotte Perrelli
I love Perrelli! I really do. But "The Girl"? Naah. Sorry, if this goes to Baku it won't even qualify. Ok maybe it will but it will do worse than "Hero". I want her in Globen though! ;D

2. Allting Blir Bra Igen - OPA! 
Oh my God! That won't even work in Greece! Jesus Christ! This is like pure greek music with swedish lyrics! Next!

3. Land of Broken Dreams - Dynazty 
Not my cup of tea and please! We already have a rock (metal? call it however you want) song in Globen. No need for another one.

4. Don't Let Me Down - Lotta Engberg and Christer Sjögren
Lovely Lotta! I always wanted to see her live. Does this mean I want them in Globen? I don't know! The song is kinda boring and they won't stand a chance in Baku! Sorry...

5. Goosebumps - Hanna Lindblad
I don't know if this is better than her 2010 entry "Manipulated"... I like "Goosebumps" but I don't see it going far...

6. Kyss Mig - Axel Algmark
What the f-word is that? (yeah like I've never used the word "fuck" before! lol) I'm being funny (?) here coz this sucks! And I don't know what else to say! Let's move on!

7. Why Start A Fire - Lisa Miskovsky 
I like that. Lisa's song (along with Charlotte's) leaked on the internet earlier this week so it's not the first time I hear this. I'd like to see her in Globen. Though maybe through andra chansen coz I think Charlotte and Danny will make it to Globen. But hey! It's the Swedes who vote! You get my point right?

8. Amazing - Danny Saucedo 
Ok they got Alex Sparrow's gimmick and took it a step forward. Not in a good way. I mean they need a gimmick like that, for what? My guess? The song is mediocre. That's what I believe and it's a shame that they need to do something like this to get votes. Danny will make it to Globen. No doubt about that! But this whole LED thing? Naah! And if Sweden sends this, I don't see it going well. It's like a Saade vol 2! With a cooler (?) gimmick! Europe won't take this well. Just because the Saade recipe worked last year, it doesn't mean you have to do it again. Bring something new to the contest! Something new called Loreen maybe? Oh my God!! I really don't like this! I like Danny but not this song, not this gimmick! It won't work in ESC! And ALL the tween girls are gonna ruin Loreen's chances! Damn it Sweden!

LOREEN TO BAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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