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ESC 2012 - Iceland: "Mundu Eftir Mér" to be performed in icelandic or english?

I've never done this before. I never cared so much about an ESC entry to be performed in its original language. Since Iceland chose "Mundu Eftir Mér" I wanted it to be sung in icelandic in May. I added Gréta on my facebook friends list and I was thinking of asking her to keep the song in icelandic. Today I saw a post on her wall from one of my fb friends asking her the same thing. I commented on that agreeing with what she wrote and we started a conversation about keeping the songs in the original languages and how english almost always destroy the songs. Gréta replied. I will quote her reply (hope that's fine... :S)

We have to think of it this way; in Eurovision 90% of the people who watch and vote have not heard the songs before. So they don´t have a language preference for each and every song. English appeals to so many more people than any other native language. It ensures that the majority of the people who watch understand what we´re singing about. Mundu eftir mér tells a story and if English is a better tool to deliver that story than of course we will use English.....but only if it´s a BETTER tool. That is if it "sings" better. We are working on English lyrics but no decisions have been made on whether we use them or not. We do however have to give it a shot in order to deliver our story. The "nordic" elements are in the music arrangement and I´m trying my very best to enhance those elements. I´m so grateful that you guys have strong opinions about my song and that you like it. It makes this all worth while. I just hope that you will give the English lyrics the same chance I will. Thanks again!
 My reply

But you know, if you have a winning song (which I believe you do) then lyrics doesn't matter. I mean look at Serbia 2007! Of course if we look at the winners of the '00s only one winning song was performed in a native language but that's because everyone sends their songs in english.

I really hope you think about it a LOT! Mundu eftir mér is a song that will ONLY work in icelandic!! You don't have to understand the lyrics in order to get CHILLS from a song. I only understand a couple of words and I still get the chills every time I hear it. It's the music, it's the atmosphere you got on stage guys!

Just for a change Iceland! Send the song in your language! After all, that's what Eurovision is about! Showing to the rest of Europe YOUR country, YOUR culture, YOUR language!

Best of luck! ♥
Now I totally believe what I say! And I'm not the only one. There are eurofans out there who have great arguments on that. Try for instance! I'm listening to "Mundu Eftir Mér" while I'm blogging. It's amazing! It's a feeling that there's absolutely no way you can get if you hear it in english. Of course you can say "how do you know that? you haven't even listened to the english version!". Well no! But it's not a pop song. It's an ethnic song! It's an ICELANDIC song! The music, the atmosphere on stage, the language! All these make this song what it is. If you change the language you cut off an important part of the song! If not the most important! This song is meant to be sung in icelandic!!

What about the 90% of people who won't understand the lyrics? SO WHAT? Just go back to the first ESC decades! All the winning songs were performed in the original languages! What about then? Wasn't back then a 90% of people who didn't understand the lyrics? Yeah we had juries back then! Again, SO WHAT? Juries consist of people, right? Those people didn't speak every single european language or did they?

People don't need to understand the lyrics in order to feel the song! This is the magic of music! You need to give them something original! And "Mundu Eftir Mér" is original! I truly believe that it will fail if it's performed in english! I really do! And I am very sad that they want to send this beautiful song in english! :( They have a song that will definitely put them in the top 5 and they're thinking of ruining that chance...

I don't know what else to say! Seriously! Gréta, Jónsi and the entire icelandic delegation need to "take a walk" around the ESC forums and see what fans think! Because it's us that vote! I'm one person here but there are A LOT more out there thinking the same.

Just vote on the poll below and let me know what you think about the language. I still have readers right? I check my stats and I see I have views. Now I hope it's not random people who accidentally came here. :P

Anyway, vote please! :)

In which language should Mundu Eftir Mér be performed?

Thank you!


nativelanguage said...

Let s hope that they´ll keep it in Icelandic. In former ESCs so many songs have been spoilt by translation into English...

Europavision said...

I love it! Icelandic

C :) said...

I hope that Gréta can get to read this post and the results of the poll. I appreciate how she's been interacting with the fans so I hope that she can put our opinions in consideration. I don't think that with Icelandic, people will fail to understand the essence of the song because the song has its own effective way of channeling its message and I have no doubt that the language is a huge factor here.

Thanks for your efforts in convincing her btw!

IfI said...

Thanks for your comment C. :) Well there's quite a big difference in the poll but the total of votes are 30... I think it would be better if a big Eurovision site makes a poll like this one...

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