Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ESC 2012 - Possible withdrawal for Israel?

Israel might not take part in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, that will be held in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, due to the preliminary dates of the contest: The final should be held on May 26th, when Shavou'ot, an Israeli holiday, takes places as well according to the Hebrew calendar.

According to the Israeli laws, the country can not take part in any international event during any holidays. IBA might ask to move the contest a week earlier, so Israel would take part in the contest. Changing the dates of the contest must be accepted by the EBU, the host country and the rest of the participants.

On June 20th, an EBU meeting will take place in Baku, where the contest's dates will be discussed. 


I don't like this. Really. Israel is one of my favourite ESC countries. I love their entries almost every year! Eurovision without Israel won't be the same! And I doubt if any of the average viewers will know the actual reasons for withdrawing. They'll probably assume that after Dana International's flop Israel decided to stay away from the contest for a while. This maybe sounds like total nonsense but that's the way I see it. But it's not what people think about Dana and Israel. I don't want them to withdraw coz I will miss their language. Hebrew sounds so great! Especially in songs! I hope EBU will move the contest! Even if it might look like Israel is benefitted all the time (they asked EBU to compete in the 2nd semi this year because of the memorial and independence days). I really hope things will work well for Israel!


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