Monday, May 23, 2011

ESC 2011 - The winner of Barbara Dex Award

We have a winner! Eldrine from Georgia are the winners of the Barbara Dex Award. Eldrine got 133 out of 810 casted votes.

Here is the top 10:

  1. Eldrine (Georgia), 133 votes
  2. Jedward (Ireland), 81
  3. Zdob si Zdub (Moldova), 66
  4. Yüksek Sadakat (Turkey), 61
  5. Homens da Luta (Portugal), 59
  6. Kati Wolf (Hungary), 56
  7. Aurela Gaçe (Albania), 45
  8. Daria Kinzer (Croatia), 31
  9. Maja Keuc (Slovenia), 28
  10. Dana International (Israel), 21
If you think that 810 votes are not a lot please click here and see why they are only 810.

Anyway. To be honest I am surprised that Mika Newton from Ukraine isn't in the top 10! And I think I agree with all of those being in the top 10 except for Jedward, Aurela Gaçe and perhaps Kati Wolf

So a top 10 in the final and the Barbara Dex for Georgia! Congrats! xD 

See you next year people! Ah I love this award! :P


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