Thursday, May 26, 2011

ESC 2011 - Split televoting and jury results

EBU announced the split televoting and jury results today. Some really crazy things are going on there! Take a look!

Televote Results Final

1 Azerbaijan 223
2 Sweden 221
3 Greece 176
4 Ukraine 168
5 UK 166
6 Bosnia & Herzegovina 151
7 Georgia 138
8 Russia 138
9 Germany 113
10 Ireland 101
11 Italy 99
12 Moldova 98
13 Serbia 89
14 Romania 79
15 France 76
16 Spain 73
17 Hungary 64
18 Denmark 61
19 Iceland 60
20 Lithuania 55
21 Finland 47
22 Slovenia 39
23 Estonia 32
24 Austria 25
25 Switzerland 2

Ok so Azerbaijan would still be the winner. Sweden would be second and Greece third!?! Oh my God! Italy would be 11th. It should be lower if you ask me! Spain would be 16th... Still low! That was meant to be in top 12 (at least!). Hungary 17th. Another underrated. And here is the most criminally underrated song! Slovenia 22nd?!?! Are you fucking kidding me Europe?!

Jury Results Final

1 Italy 251
2 Azerbaijan 182
3 Denmark 168
4 Slovenia 160
5 Austria 145
6 Ireland 119
7 Ukraine 117
8 Serbia 111
9 Sweden 106
10 Germany 104
11 France 90
12 Bosnia 90
13 Romania 86
14 Greece 84
15 Moldova 82
16 Georgia 79
17 Finland 75
18 Estonia 74
19 Iceland 72
20 Lithuania 66
21 Hungary 60
22 UK 57
23 Switzerland 53
24 Spain 38
25 Russia 25

Kick the juries out! Check this out! Italy would be the winner? Why? To welcome them back and to lick their asses so that they stay in the contest for good! Some of you might like the song. Well I don't and it's definitely not a winner! There were much better songs than this! The only and I repeat the only positive thing from the jury's votes would be Slovenia's 4th place (that's where they should have ended on May 14th!) and Serbia's 8th place! And look at this! France! That was a favourite to win all these weeks prior to the contest. Many called this song a jury bait but even in the jury voting they were 11th! Not even in the top 10! I was also surprised by UK's 22nd place! Wow! And they fucked up with my Spain! Damn! And Russia last? Well I don't like the song, I don't like Alexej but there were worse songs than this.

Semi Final 1 Televote Results

1 Greece 154
2 Azerbaijan 124
3 Finland 111
4 Russia 93
5 Georgia 90
6 Iceland 79
7 Armenia 75
8 Hungary 73
9 Norway 56
10 Turkey 54

11 Lithuania 52
12 Switzerland 45
13 Albania 42
14 Serbia 42
15 Portugal 39
16 Croatia 32
17 Poland 25
18 Malta 24
19 San Marino 8

Well that's interesting. Armenia and Norway would be in but Serbia and Switzerland would be out! Poland 17th... Why?! :( Greece winning the semi. What the hell people? Seriously? (Yeah I know we won the actual semi anyway) Also, Turkey would be in and Lithuania would be out. I'd like that option. :P

Semi Final 1 Jury Results

1 Lithuania 113
2 Azerbaijan 109
3 Iceland 104
4 Serbia 102
5 Finland 86
6 Malta 84
7 Switzerland 76
8 San Marino 74
8 Greece 74
10 Hungary 65

11 Albania 61
12 Turkey 58
13 Georgia 51
14 Croatia 49
15 Armenia 33
16 Russia 31
17 Norway 29
18 Poland 13
19 Portugal 6

What the hell! Lithuania would be the winner? The juries are crazy! They are crazy! Serbia would be in but still Poland and Croatia would be out. Well those were out even in the televoting but still the juries mess up pretty badly with all the countries!

Semi Final 2 Televote Results

1 Sweden 159
2 Bosnia & Herzegovina 131
3 Romania 121
4 Denmark 115
5 Ukraine 91
6 Ireland 78
7 Slovenia 68
8 Moldova 61
9 Belarus 54
10 Austria 52

11 Israel 51
12 Belgium 50
13 Estonia 46
14 Bulgaria 43
15 Latvia 43
16 Slovakia 40
17 FYROM 33
18 Cyprus 23
19 Netherlands 17

Oh. My. God! Unbelievable! Dana would have missed the final for one fucking point! For a few seconds, I hate you Europe! One point and that boring ballad from Austria would be in. Jesus Christ! I can't get this! It's totally insane! Insane! And Bulgaria would be 14th?! What the hell Europe? Poli deserved that final more than anyone else in that semi. Well Slovenia too. And Belarus would be in? Seriously? Estonia would be out! Here you go! Flopped in the televoting. At least I am a bit vindicated! But Israel 11th?! Aaaargh!!!!

Semi Final 2 Jury Results

1 Slovenia 146
2 Denmark 129
3 Sweden 99
4 Austria 95
5 Romania 85
6 Estonia 83
7 Ukraine 76
8 Belgium 71
8 Slovakia 71
10 Ireland 66

11 Bosnia & Herzegovina 65
12 Bulgaria 59
13 Moldova 53
14 FYROM 47
15 Belarus 38
16 Israel 36
17 Cyprus 24
18 Netherlands 22
19 Latvia 11

Belgium would be in and Bosnia & Herzegovina out? Hello! Honestly do they really have experts in the juries? Sweden 3rd? Do they use their ears? Huh? Israel would be 16th. In both cases Dana would have missed the final but I still think juries should be kicked out! People might be thinking in a different way when they vote because they might say "oh what will the juries vote for?" and be affected. I still think that without the juries Dana would be in! Yeah yeah I know I always talk about her but she became my winner when the ESC week began. That would be on May 9th.

Ok I read what I wrote and I saw that I curse quite a lot. I apologise! xD So now I think that the ESC 2011 is officially over. Or is there anything else we're waiting for? I think the split results was the last thing we needed. No?

I'd like to thank Matt from for taking the time and writing the results the way I gave them to you because the results given by were ranked according to the running order.

And after all that let's enjoy again the one and only! ;D


Michael said...

"I still think that without the juries Dana would be in!" I know that you love Dana but if you look at the televote she still would not have got into the final there is no if, ands, or buts what happen happened.

You may not like the Italian song but I like it. I'm glad that it won the jury vote and it has nothing to do that Italy finally came back. To me because I'm a big fan of that type of music I think it should have won the contest and that it was one of the best songs in the contest!! In 2006 when Finland won I was not so happy because I don't like that type of music but I lived with it I did not go "HOLY SHIT WHY DID THAT FUCKING SONG WIN. THERE ARE WAY MORE BETTER SONGS THEN THAT. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!"

Also Belgium was good and to me had a better show then Dana did. I'd like to see you and other people come together and write using ONLY your voices and make to ESC.

Last thing I agree with you that Spain should have been alot higher in both votes. A top 10 placing would have been nice.

_alca_ said...

Thank you for your comment.
Well I know that Dana would have missed the final even if we counted only the televoting but I wrote that the fact that the juries are voting might affect the way televoters think. Of course what is done is done but since they make public the split results I like commenting them. :)

About Italy, of course! It's your opinion. You love this kind of music and I don't. Everything is subjective here. ;) If Italy had won I would definitely react the way you mentioned. Because at that time I'd be really "angry" about it. As I was in 2006 and 2008 but after a while I let it go. I think it's a normal reaction when a song that you don't like wins. At that moment you are angry. After a while it's an old story and you move on to the next contest.

"I'd like to see you and other people come together and write using ONLY your voices and make to ESC." I'm sorry I didn't get that... :S

And just for the record Spain was in my top 3 this year. I knew there were no chances of finishing there but I would LOVE to see them in the top 10.

And to end this I will say once again that my reaction to the results is the one I got right after I saw them. I started blogging as soon as I saw the results so I think it's normal to react like that especially when my very few favourites didn't make it. :P I will soon let it go and move on. ;)

Michael said...

Yeah I see what you're saying and I understand. What I would suggest is that you maybe wait awhile after you read some news so that way you don't sound much as well for lack of better words a jackass. But still I understand what you are talking about and thats normal

Let me correct myself here:

I'd like to see you and other people come together and write a song using ONLY your voices and make it to ESC

_alca_ said...

Well I comment everything right away because it's also a some kind of informative blog. If I wait as you say I won't have readers in the future! :P They would have already seen the results! :P haha

Well I'm far from a song writer if that's what you mean... haha

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