Saturday, May 7, 2011

ESC 2011 - Rehearsals Day 7

Day 7 and the countries that rehearsed are Sweden, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Israel. 
Also the Big 5: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

Sweden’s 2nd rehearsal: Hm same clothes as in Mello? Well who cares right now? Second rehearsal was better than the first but still Eric sounds horrible! He's getting tired of all the dancing and by the end of the song he can barely sing... That's not good Sweden!

Cyprus’ 2nd rehearsal: Are these the clothes they're gonna wear in the semi? Hmm Well another great rehearsal for Cyprus. I liked it again! :O

Bulgaria’s 2nd rehearsal: Apparently she's keeping that dress. I'm sorry I don't like it... But the rest of the performance is just fantastic! Bulgaria is all the way to the final and for me, in the top 10!

FYROM’s 2nd rehearsal: Wow Vlatko's clothes are in such an harmony with the dancers' clothes! Of course I'm kidding! I'm not crazy. Yet. That was a mess once again. Vocally he's good but the rest of it is really bad. And I don't like the song.

Israel’s 2nd rehearsal: Now that's the Dana I wanted to see! OK she doesn't have a big show so she has to please us with what she got. And I am pleased! Vocally was much much better than the first rehearsal and finally! Someone who knows how to use that catwalk! All the entries that have used it so far, went a few steps and then back to the stage. Dana finished her song in the second part of the stage which is great! Imagine her walking among the eurofans with the flags waving and screaming! That's gonna look great on tv! Not so crazy about the dress but she said she has 8! But they're not letting her try them all. Let's hope she finds one she likes. All I know is that this dress is really Dana. And as a good friend says, Dana knows what she's doing! ;) hahahahaha

France’s 1st rehearsal: First of all he needs a haircut! OK he can sing. He's got a great voice but how can people like a song like this? Alright, I'm fine with liking it coz it's all about taste but putting it as a winner? Oh please! No way! Liked his clothes... :P

Italy’s 1st rehearsal: That's so Italy! Jazz is not my style. Sorry! Give me something like Fiumi Di Parole! Come on Italy you left us with this fantastic song and you return with a really bad one! Vocally Raphael was fine but I didn't like the backdrop...

United Kingdom’s 1st rehearsal: What on earth did they do to the song? I don't really like this version. Vocally they were pretty bad. Especially Lee! Didn't like the clothes so much. I would love to see them with something like this. Well not exactly like this but Duncan should definitely keep this style...

Germany’s 1st rehearsal: Love the choreography and the atmosphere! Fits this dark song! But I didn't like Lena. Her vocals weren't good. But they weren't in last year's final either and she won so... 

Spain’s 1st rehearsal: My Spain!! The feel-good song! I just love it! And the performance is great! Fits the song and in ESC we need performances and songs like this one! Eurovision is all about having fun! Lucia was really nice vocally! I really liked what I saw! ¡Viva España!


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