Sunday, May 15, 2011

ESC 2011 - The grand final, results and semis' results

It. Is. Over. OVER! Give me some minutes to realize this...

During those minutes I saw the semi results. I got a second shock. Nowhere near the shock I got with Dana's disqualification but still...

This is totally insane but that's why I LOVE this contest! I don't know where to start. (I think I've said that before...) I don't know where to start! I forgot everything I wanted to comment! Next year I'll be keeping notes! :P But I know what I'll do! I'll just check my facebook! I commented quite a few things there. Ha! :P Ok... that's not working! Let's go to the results and we'll see how this goes.

1. Azerbaijan - Ell & Nikki - "Running Scared" - 221pts
Don't like it, don't dislike it. Ok winner but not the best song for me. But you know what. Sweden won. It's just the flag that changes. Swedish writers, Swedish backing vocalists... Got it? ;)

2. Italy - Raphael Gualazzi - "Madness Of Love" - 189pts
What exactly is this doing here? This is unbelievable! They did everything to show Italy that their comeback was so important! They put them 2nd to keep them around! I really don't like the song! Awful!

3. Sweden - Eric Saade - "Popular" - 185pts
Now this is a surprise. I'm happy because it's Sweden and stuff but I don't think Eric or the song deserved to be so high. The only good thing about the swedish entry this year was the melody and the choreography. Crappy lyrics, horrble live vocals from Eric, horrible live backing vocals and we didn't even take a good look at the glass breaking. Plus, this 3rd position means that Fredrik Kempe will keep coming back to Mello after this. Not to mention that next year's ESC will be full of Saades! Oh God...

4. Ukraine - Mika Newton - "Angel" - 159pts
Hmm no... I like the song, I loved the sand thing, I like Mika but no way 4th place for this. There were much better songs. All I know is that Mika is the strongest candidate for the Barbara Dex award.

5. Denmark - A Friend In London - "New Tomorrow" - 134pts
Unexpected. Really. I like the song but ok not 5th place for me. Maaaybe a top 10 after my favourites' elimination. Anyway good job Denmark! You're in my all time top 10 after all! :P

6. Bosnia & Herzegovina - Dino Merlin - "Love In Rewind" - 125pts
I was expecting them to finish high and I have no problem with that position! The song is not one of my favourites and I don't think I'll be listening to the studio version but I really enjoyed their performance tonight.

7. Greece - Loukas Yiorkas feat. Stero Mike - "Watch My Dance" - 120pts
Wow! Just wow! I mean seriously? 7th? And I got a bigger shock with the semi results! Don't worry we'll get there too. But...seriously? The only thing that makes me happy with this 7th place is that we keep our record of being in the top 10 since 2004!

8. Ireland - Jedward - "Lipstick" - 119pts
I would love to see them lower. OK I admit it. This song is my guilty pleasure. I enjoyed their performance a lot! But I can't stand them! For 100th time, they're annoying!

9. Georgia - Eldrine - "One More Day" - 110pts
This is a big surprise! I wasn't surprised when they made it to the final but I definitely didn't expect them to finish in the top 10. Wow! Congrats Georgia!

10. Germany - Lena - "Taken By A Stranger" - 107pts
Ok decent spot for Lena. In the top 10. Whoever expected her to win...well the Johnny Logan era has ended. Many many years ago! Love the choreography and to my surprise Lena sounded quite good vocally compared to her rehearsals. At least the ones I watched.

11. United Kingdom - Blue - "I Can" - 100pts
Hmm oookay... That's not bad but I'm sure the UK will be upset. They send one of their biggest "weapons" (do they say that in english? coz we do say that in greek) and they didn't even make it in the top 10. 11th place is far from bad but Blue were a favourite to win the whole thing. Well their performance wasn't a winner's performance but neither was Lena's last year so...

12. Moldova - Zdob şi Zdub - "So Lucky" - 97pts
Oh for God's sake! 12th?! Seriously? I don't like this. At all. For me it didn't even deserve to be in the final!

13. Slovenia - Maja Keuc - "No One" - 96pts
Moldova finished higher than Maja. Seriously? (yeah I know I say that a lot!) Slovenia deserved a top 5 in this final. 13 is ok for some other songs but not for Maja's. She gave a great performance! OK at least top 10 if you don't want a top 5!

14. Serbia - Nina - "Čaroban" - 85pts
Another top 5 for me ended quite low! Nina doesn't deserve this! She had one of the best songs tonight! At least a top 10 for her too!

15. France - Amaury Vassili - "Sognu" - 82pts
Hahahahahahahaha! OK I'm sorry. Well ok, I'm not. I'm actually happy with this result! I really never understood why people put this as a winner. It sucks IMO. If you guys like opera why didn't you vote for Slovenia in 2007? That was miles better!

16. Russia - Alex Vorobjov - "Get You" - 77pts
Hahahahaaha part II. There you go homophobe jerk! I might get an attack from Russian fans but my problem is Alex and not Russians in general. But to make you (Russians) feel good I have to say that Saade turned out to be a jerk as well. I didn't like any of their attitude. They both behave like morons! And as I said Eric didn't even deserve a top 10. And to comment the song and the performance I have to say I never liked the song and there were too many gimmicks but I kinda liked the performance as a whole. (Better now? xD)

17. Romania - Hotel FM - "Change" - 77pts
I think it's an ok spot for a song like this. Vocally he was good but really nothing "wow".

18. Austria - Nadine Beiler - "The Secret Is Love" - 64pts
Well they should be more than happy with this place coz they didn't deserve to be in the final IMO. Totally boring!

19. Lithuania - Evelina Sašenko - "C'est Ma Vie" - 63pts
Boring vol 2! Another song that didn't deserve to be in the final IMO again. Vocally she was great (so was Nadine) but that's not enough in ESC. Besides you don't even have to sing great live. Remember Lena last year? Remember Saade a few hours ago? ;)

20. Iceland - Sjonni's Friends - "Coming Home" - 61pts
I was right. I didn't predict their place but I was right when Iceland voted for this. It was a sympathy vote and just because Iceland and the hardcore eurofans know they story behind the song doesn't mean that the average viewer knows it as well. Really Iceland. I just wish you send Yohanna!

21. Finland - Paradise Oskar - "Da Da Dam" - 57pts
A little surprised. I expected him in the top 15. And it grew on me a lot... Shame...

22. Hungary - Kati Wolf - "What About My Dreams?" - 53pts
Oh wow! I didn't expect Kati in the top 5. Not even in top 10. But this is way too low! She did a great job tonight and her vocals were really really good! Only 22nd? Well Hungary doesn't have good neighbours I guess. :( 

23. Spain - Lucía Pérez - "Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao" - 50pts
I knew it. Ok? I knew it! I knew Lucía had zero chances of scoring a top 10 but 23rd? :( I love this! And it was one of the best performances tonight. That's what Eurovision is about. Having a great time! This was the performance I enjoyed the most! But you know... No matter what Spain sends they will always finish that low just because it's Spain! :(

24. Estonia - Getter Jaani - "Rockefeller Street" - 44pts
Well I was 50% correct! I predicted Estonia's flop but I didn't expect them to make it to the final. Howerver I like the song. Well not the entire song. I love the chorus and I don't like those voices when the song begins. And especially that "let's go, let's gooo" after the first chorus because it reminds me of Dora the Explorer! Dora is annoying! 

25. Switzerland - Anna Rossinelli - "In Love For A While" - 19pts
I definitely didn't expect Switzerland to finish last! But not in the top 15 either. It was a pleasant and sweet performance. At least they competed in the final.

Ok that's it! What else to comment? Booooring interval act! Nothing will move from my top the interval act in Oslo! Flash mob dance! The best interval act in Eurovision's history! 
But we had the best ESC stage so far! I totally loved it! Not too big as in Moscow 2009 and not too small. The LED wall, and the fact that the wall opened and we got to see the green room was great! 
The hosts were a bit boring and Raab was a really bad choice.
I think that's all. Oh about the voting... Actually about the spokespeople... Will they ever learn that we say for example "12 points go to" and not "goes to"? Simple grammar! I'm making mistakes. Especially when it comes to prepositions but this is ridiculous! Anyway...

Let's go to the semis...

Semi-final 1 - results

  1. Greece - 133pts
  2. Azerbaijan - 122pts
  3. Finland - 103pts
  4. Iceland - 100pts
  5. Lithuania - 81pts
  6. Georgia - 74pts
  7. Hungary - 72pts
  8. Serbia - 67pts
  9. Russia - 64pts
  10. Switzerland - 55pts
  11. Malta - 54pts
  12. Armenia - 54pts
  13. Turkey - 47pts
  14. Albania - 47pts
  15. Croatia - 41pts
  16. San Marino - 34pts
  17. Norway - 30pts
  18. Portugal - 22pts
  19. Poland - 18pts
Here's the shock! Greece finished first?!?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Poland is last?! Are you fucking kidding me vol 2! Lithuania 5th?! Finland 3rd?! Just wow! And Malta and Armenia missed the final for 1 point?! This is insane! Really insane!

Semi-final 2 - results

  1. Sweden - 155pts
  2. Denmark - 135pts
  3. Slovenia - 112pts
  4. Romania - 111pts
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina - 109pts
  6. Ukraine - 81pts
  7. Austria - 69pts
  8. Ireland - 68pts
  9. Estonia - 60pts
  10. Moldova - 54pts
  11. Belgium - 53pts
  12. Bulgaria - 48pts
  13. Slovakia - 48pts
  14. Belarus - 45pts
  15. Israel - 38pts
  16. FYROM - 36pts
  17. Latvia - 25pts
  18. Cyprus - 16pts
  19. The Netherlands - 13pts
Eric won the semi?! Are you sure you got experts in juries? This is ridiculous! Really! Belgium 11th? And missed the final for 1 point! If it was Dana there I would have D I E D ! ! Literally! If Dana had missed the final for only one point I don't know what I'd have done! She finished 15th! :O And Cyprus 18th? The Netherlands last? I really need to see the split votes! I wanna see how much the juries screwed Dana's and Poli's results! Israel and Bulgaria should both have been in the final. Especially Bulgaria!

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has come to end. So freaking fast! I can't wait a whole year! I just can't! For the next few days I'll be blogging about ESC and checking the forums and all that but then... PED will hit me! :(

So this is it! Baku 2012! Some people say they can't host the contest. Not because of the money but because Azerbaijan is just a hole! So will they give the contest to Italy? To lick their asses a bit more? To make them stay for good? Whatever! I'll start saving money! I want to go to my first ESC! I'm so jealous of all of you that made it this year and the previous years! I missed a chance to meet Dana! :( I really want to go to an ESC. Not only one! To every ESC from now on. But we have a year ahead of us. Who knows what will happen until then...


Anonymous said...

well Raphael Gualazzi song sucks!! but he is not the real winner of the italian "mello" he was just the best one in young category. the real winner was Roberto Vecchioni a famouse singer - songwriter. and the reason cos some country voted for our shit song is not cos we came back in eurovision but for others obvious political reasons ;)
ps.. eric suuucks!!! anyway... u really listened all thses songs?? i know just the first 3!

PaulGT said...

Kinda agree with most of your comments. Greece winning the first semi is a real shocker! Especially with Cyrus finishing 18th in the second semi, with imo, a stronger song and performance.
I'm sure Azerbaijan will have no problem hosting next year, though media here (UK) state there could be some problems as the country is extremely homophobic.
I also predict Italy to bomb next year, just like the big 4 (now big 5) normally do

Z said...

oh, Lord, i had enjoyed too much with your posts! I never thought i could finally reach an english blog to follow up, but here I am, and i must say, i guess i´m going to continue reading your posts... Now i´m not the only one who think about the amazing results for this years, specially on my case for Israel, and also for my country, Spain.

Don´t worry, next year i´m going to represent my country. And we will show how far we can go, hohoho. (just jocking... or maybe not? :P)

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