Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ESC 2011 - Semi-final 1, results

Aha! What was that? I don't know where to start! I never know where to start when it comes to ESC! OK I have to say that the stage looked fantastic and for me is the best stage ever until today! Way to go Germany! The hosts were ok. But we had technical problems! Who am I kidding? Eurovision without technical problems isn't Eurovision! The commentators lost connection in all countries as far as I know and most of them were commenting via mobiles! Hahaha

Well I really don't know what else to comment. And I'm sorry but I want to do this fast so I can go to the forum and talk about it! :P So...

The 10 finalists of the first semi-final

Serbia: Yay! Thank God!!! She totally deserved it! One of the best performances tonight!

Lithuania: Come again?! The surprise of the night hands down! Not the worst song and vocally she was great but the song is soooo boring!

Greece: Really surprised here. Stereo Mike totally screwed the song and yet we made it. No I'm not pleased! I guess the draw helped us as well...

Azerbaijan: This is really not my cup of tea. I kinda like the song but naaah. Deserved a spot in the final but I don't really care! Happy for the Swedish backing vocalists! ;)

Georgia: LOVE the music, like the verses, don't like the chorus. Something bugs me but I don't mind seeing them again.

Switzerland: About time they made it to the final! And I like the song. It's a bit boring but listening to it only once and watching Anna at the same time is totally fine. It's a sweet song.

Hungary: Yahooo!!! Told you (didn't I?) after the first rehearsal she was no longer Kate Ryan of 2011! WAY TO GO WOLFIE!!! <3 See you in the final and hopefully in the top 3! Keep working on those live vocals!

Finland: For the first time I got shivers while watching Paradise Oskar performing it. And it grew on me. I like it!

Russia: Seriously? Well I knew he's gonna make it coz he represents Russia but my problem is Alex! He's a total jerk and a homophobe! (just look around youtube a bit)

Iceland: Good job boys! I liked what I saw. Sjonni should be proud up there! :)

These were the 10 finalists. Now where is my Poland? :'( :'( I wish Magda could reply to me saying "Jestem". The biggest disappointment of the night! Seriously! And where is Croatia? Well to be honest I knew she wouldn't make it as soon as I saw her first rehearsal. Why did you have to use those magic tricks with the clothes and stuff? Aaah...
Come on guys! I asked you to send just 4 countries in the final and you acomplished only 50% of your mission. Don't let me down on Thursday!
Big surprise that Norway stayed in the semi! Just wow! I wanted them in the final coz it was the second feel-good song after Spain. It would be fun to watch it again. Really that's what ESC is about. Having a good time. Do I have a good time with the greek song? Hell no! It's so depressing!
About the rest I don't know what to say... Really...

So on Thursday we're gonna vote for Israel, Bulgaria and Slovenia! Ok?

PS: Someone remind me to fill up my cell phone tomorrow! I need to send those 3 girls to the final!


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