Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ESC 2011 - Rehearsals Day 4

Quite in the mood to blog today coz I found out that my files will be saved. Still feeling bad for all the money I'm gonna spend but whatever. My files are "alive"! :P

Ok back to the rehearsals. Today rehearsed the last 10 countries of semi-final 2 and these were: Bulgaria, FYROM, Israel, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and Ireland.

Bulgaria's rehearsal: Ok Bulgaria! Vocals were great, stage show was ok but! I really really hope she gets rid of these clothes! This song needs ripped off jeans, t-shirt and army boots. Or at least something like the outfit she had in the NF's performance. She had trouble with the dress she put on for the rehearsal. She had a hard time taking it off and I was worried all the time because it looked like she's gonna step on that and fall! Get rid of it please! For me Poli is easily in the final's top 10.

FYROM's rehearsal: Oh my God the choreography is a mess!! What is this?? And I don't like the song. Vlatko's performance was fine but overall I don't like it...

Israel's rehearsal: Why did you do this to me Dana? Why the new version? Why did you "kill" that beautiful intro? :( Aaah. So the performance is pretty much the same with KDAM's (the audio is from the studio version). And I read that she will be using the catwalk as well... Vocally she was good. I like Dana but let's face it, she doesn't have THE voice so what I heard was ok. Still think that the new version is a bad choice but I'll have to live with it. Nothing I can do.

Slovenia's rehearsal: Great, great, great Maja!! The performance was really nice. Simple choreography but it was ok. Quite dark backdrop that fits the song. Top 10 for Slovenia! They totally deserve it!

Romania's rehearsal: I liked it!! That was a nice performance and vocally really good. I just found the girls with the trumpets a bit ridiculous.

Estonia's rehearsal: OK one of the favourites this year (not mine). I liked the choreography and the whole idea. I didn't like the backing vocalists and their clothes. Getter sounded quite bad. And finally we have another magic trick. What happened this year? Which country is the next one to use magic on stage? Well all of them are late. Soraya used a magic trick back in 2009 and it was much more impressive. I was like "wtf?"! Well about Estonia... "San Fransisco" (Norway 1997), "Las Vegas" (Sweden 2005), "No No Never" (Germany 2006) anyone? ;)

Belarus' rehearsal: The patriotic performance! hahaha That was fun to watch actually. A lot of flames and fireworks. But vocally Anastasiya was pretty bad. At least to my ears. The chorus is quite contagious and given the fact that it is Belarus ( ;) ) I can see them in the final.

Latvia's rehearsal: This is dangerously going up in my ranking and I'm afraid it will kick out of my top 10 Sweden! I loved it! Vocally Emīls was great but I would like it if Marats joined him as backing vocalist in the chorus. Latvia has a great draw and the song is good so to the final!

Denmark's rehearsal: Can someone please make him take off this awful shirt? Oh God! Well... the performance was fine. They sounded good and I like the song. And of course a simple stage performance since they're a band.

Ireland's rehearsal: Those guys are so annoying! Don't like them at all! The performance on the other hand is fun to watch even though they're acting like crazy sometimes. Vocally were exhausted at some point. Well that's normal since they're running like chickens on stage. Backing vocals were quite bad and one of Jedward (don't ask me who!) forgot the dance routine several times. What I had to say about this entry was negative. However for some reason I think I will have to watch this thing twice. -.-

So Day 4 is over and tomorrow is the 2nd rehearsal of the first 13 countries competing in the 1st semi-final! Shit I will have a lot of work to do! :P Hope I get my laptop back!


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