Friday, May 13, 2011

ESC 2011 - Semi-final 2, results and final's draw

Logged in last night with the intension to write this:
No blogging tonight. Dana didn't make it.

But it was down! I clicked on "new post" and a message kept popping up saying "service unavailable". Same happened today until a few hours ago.

I honestly had the biggest shock of my life! And it was actually for the first time. Now I really know how it feels like to be shocked! It was also the first time in my life that I was so nervous (when it comes to ESC). I was nervous all day long! All day! And of course I was nervous about Dana International. You know what happened... Dana didn't make it. One envelope left and I was so nervous that I couldn't think which countries made it and which were the favourites to get that last spot to the final. It was the first time since the semis introduction that I didn't care about Sweden. All I kept thinking was seeing the israeli flag on my screen! So the last envelope opens and I see the swedish flag. Under other conditions I would be happy but as soon as I saw that yellow-blue I was shocked. Literally. After that I couldn't move for several minutes. Honestly. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything! The worst results ever! All I wanted was Israel, Bulgaria and Slovenia to the final. Only Slovenia made it. And I saw their flag coming out of the envelope but I was so nervous about Dana that I didn't really care! I didn't have the chance to be happy for Slovenia! I wanted Dana in the final because she deserved it. Because I love her song. Because from my no2 "Ding Dong" became no1! And now we won't see her again. The final won't be exciting without Dana competing. I feel bad for her. But what bothers me the most is that the haters will have a party! Right now Dana is the biggest flop in the contest's history! People will keep bringing this up just to remind everyone her flop! She is the only previous ESC winner that did a comeback and failed to make it to the final. And I hate that! I hate that all these people who are against her will keep talking about this just to show everyone that Dana failed! But you know what? At the end of the day, she wasn't a prize contender. She wasn't even a favourite to make it to the final so that flop might not be such a big deal after all but... There's always a "but"...

So I guess I should move on to the 10 finalists. I am 100% sure that this are old news for you right now but I want to comment them so... So here they are:

Estonia: I was surprised here. I said Estonia would flop and I was sure after their performance. It was quite bad.

Romania: Well I knew they would make it. It's a nice song. No problem with it.

Moldova: Come again? What the hell? What is Moldova doing in the final? But honestly after their performance I knew I would see them in the final. For some reason I got that feeling and it turned out that I was right.

Ireland: Why do I have to see them again? Jedward are so annoying! But to tell you the truth I enjoy their performance. Guilty pleasure or what? -.-

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Deserved! Dino and his team did a great job. Totally deserved the final!

Denmark: 3 out of 3 save-the-planet songs are in the final. This one along with Finland's are the ones I really like. Finland grew on me a lot! Especially after the 1st semi. And I liked Denmark from the beginning even if I'd rather see Jenny Berggren representing Denmark instead of them.

Austria: I should have seen this coming! Especially after Lithuania's qualification! This. Is. Boring.

Ukraine: No surprise here either. I like the song and hey, it's Ukraine! ;)

Slovenia: The only country that I'm really pleased to see in the final from this semi! Maja was fantastic last night! Slovenia deserves a top 10!

Sweden: As I said it was the first time I didn't care about Sweden's qualification. For so many reasons that I don't want to talk about right now. Eric's performance was really weak last night. His vocals were mediocre and the backing vocals were too loud and sounded horrible!

So these are the last 10 finalists. I can't believe this is happening. I wanted only 4 countries to make it from semi 1 and only 2 made it. I wanted only 3 countries in the final from semi 2 and only 1 made it. No Israel, no Bulgaria. I am so sad about both of them. Especially about Israel... There's only one thing that can make me feel worse. Seeing Dana finishing 11th in her semi! This thought kills me! It will be Finland and Sweden 2010 all over again! They were both in my top 3 and they both ended up in the 11th place of their semis with Finland being only 3 points away from the 10th and Sweden only 5pts! That's worse than finishing last because you say ok they didn't like it at all. But being 11th and that close it means FUCK I lost the final for 3 or 5 fucking points! This sucks!

And just for the record I got 7/10 correct finalists. Not bad compared to last year's!

And now we know the final's running order. The last night's finalists picked their starting number for the final at the press conference which was held last night after the semi.

  1. Finland
  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. Denmark
  4. Lithuania
  5. Hungary
  6. Ireland
  7. Sweden
  8. Estonia
  9. Greece
  10. Russia
  11. France
  12. Italy
  13. Switzerland
  14. United Kingdom
  15. Moldova
  16. Germany
  17. Romania
  18. Austria
  19. Azerbaijan
  20. Slovenia
  21. Iceland
  22. Spain
  23. Ukraine
  24. Serbia
  25. Georgia
So in the final I'm rooting for Hungary (my winner), Serbia, Slovenia and Spain! I really hope one of these countries kicks everyone's asses but I highly doubt it. Hungary has a really bad running order and right after Kati are Jedward and Eric Saade. Full of pop songs and I'm afraid that everyone will forget Kati's song. She doesn't have a show. At least not compared to Ireland and Sweden. So I'm predicting a spot between 13 and 18. Serbia will finish somewhere between 9 and 11 (I really hope higher!), Slovenia between 6 and 8 and my poor Spain somewhere between 15 and 20 just because it's Spain. The song deserves to finish as high as possible! I won't bother making predictions about the rest of them. I don't care. Just don't let France get the prize!


And something that I just saw. I wanted to know Dana's reaction after the results and I found this at

After the Second Semi-Final: Smiles and melancholy backstage
Israel: Dana International
"I'm fine, but a little bit disappointed. The tension in the arena is what comforts me, the fans were wonderful. Having been here has been an experience. I'm happy I did it, it makes me stronger. I felt okay in stage, I felt excited and that I was good."

:'( There's absolutely not one in a million chance to see her back in ESC. :( I want her so badly to come back and get revenge with a song that she'd work on for months and not just for a week! She didn't have the time she needed to make "Ding Dong" perfect. I just wish she kept the original version. Who could resist to that magnificent intro? And even if she decides to come back who can guarantee that Israel will give her the ticket to ESC for the 3rd time? :(

At least she gave two amazing songs to this contest. And yes I adore "Ding Dong". Maybe more than "Diva"!
Thank you Dana!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least Dana got call from no one else that Tzipi Livni herself comforting her!,7340,L-4069059,00.html

And as much as I don't always agree with Livni's politics... she gives a good image of strong woman! And yet she took a time of being tough and being opposition leader to give Dana a comfort call... How many other eurovision non-qualifiers got a call from their politicians?

ANd yes, it is sad. It is beyond sad and I hope Dana does not stop making music. We need a new album. As much as Hakol Ze Letova was delicious... it is three years. We need more music from the Diva...

I love Ding Dong to death too, perhaps more than Diva (though gotta give credit to Dana for making Diva, the acceptance anthem long before Lady Gaga was hatched).

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