Monday, May 14, 2012

ESC 2012 - Rehearsals Day 1

Well I spent the entire weekend in Stockholm but now I'm back. I wasn't planning to blog about today's rehearsals today but here I am! I couldn't resist! :P Let's do this! 

It's quite obvious that there were a few problems but that's what the rehearsals are for. And that wooden donkey? More like the Torjan Horse really. Meh. I still hate the song. Montenegro is so not in the final!

Ok I have to say I got some serious goosebumps in the first chorus but that was all. I still prefer and believe that the icelandic version is miles better! About the staging, it's almost the same with the NF and I think that would be all. No surprises and stuff... Vocally they were good. Some sound problems maybe... From that first rehearsal I say Iceland is in the final.

I like what I saw. However the choreography doesn't seem complete. It feels like they're "hiding" something. Eleftheria was good vocally. To my ears at least... I'm kinda biased here but I say we are in the final.

First of all I love the last 30 seconds. But until that moment everything is quite bland. The choreo is boring. They just walk around on stage. Anmary was ok vocally and she must have worked on her face expressions but there is a moment or two where she made those faces... Anyway, I don't see Latvia in the final...

I don't know what the camera work will be but they need to be careful a bit. Rona seems scary in those close-ups. Vocals! Those vocals! Personally I don't like the song and I find her really screamy but vocally she was great. She pulled it off in the best possible way! Now this is tricky. I don't know if we will see it in the final. If it was up to me I'd leave Albania in the semi...

Ok... I guess we will never hear Elena singing Zaleilah like in the studio version. It's quite obvious they "did something" in the studio. Anyway, vocally she was good. Not in the same tone as in the studio version but she was good. I like the choreography even though it's not so crazy... I miss that jumping while waving their hands at the same time! It needs more energy! I see them in the final. Or at least I want them in the final!

I still have a thing with his english. It sounds ok and kinda unique in the studio version but kinda bad live. It doesn't matter though. I love the song! And I want them so much in the final!! From what I saw I think they can make it!

Come on this is boring. Everything is boring! Just everything. Belgium is not in the final!

Solid performance. What's with the dress though? I hope they're just testing (I'm almost sure about it since it's the first rehearsal) it!! Unfortunately I don't see Finland in the final either but I do want them in the final!!


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