Friday, May 25, 2012

ESC 25.05.2002 - 25.05.2012

Photo: SVT
Today's my birthday! Well not my real birthday. My real birthday is on Monday (yeah I was born in the ESC month! :D). Today I become a 10-year-old eurofan!! And the ladies in the photo are probably the main reason! My lovely Afro-Dite gave me my all time favourite swedish entry, "Never Let It Go"! I've said this so many times so I'm sure you know it's my favourite!

Wow 10 years! Here you can read more about how it all began. Damn I need to fix that text a bit. The way it looks now is a bit scary! I mean it's a big text! I doubt if anyone will sit and read that! hehe

Anyway Happy ESC Birthday to me!!! :D xD


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