Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ESC 2013 - The dates!

I was that close to put a logo with Sweden's flag in the middle and the STOCKHOLM 2013 below it! Because you people are coming to Sweden in 2013 on 14th, 16th and 18th May! These are the official dates for next year's contest! And we are not done with 2012's contest yet! Hahaha!


Carlos Ibero said...

Hola, Ifi! Not 100% sure, sorry, more like Bucarest, Barcelona or Reikjavik 2013!!!
After the show last nite, the best shows/songs/performance worth Top 5 were Romania, Iceland, Ireland, Hungary and Cyprus, the rest or bad songs, poor/bad staging taste, or average performances. Hungary was better live than in the CD, nice surprise! If Russia wins Eurovision for me it'd be the end of Eurovision, a victory for freaks and not a quality concept. Hope Italy, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, do a good show too!

Ifi said...

Hola Carlos! :D Bucharest is difficult! I wouldn't mind at all. It's my 3rd favourite this year but it doesn't feel like a winner. Barcelona? AMEN to that!!! :D Reykjavik, sure! Why not? But it's Sweden's time! I just know it.

About Russia... I loved their performance last night. The cute granny is amazing! But I want them to finish somewhere between 15 and 20. But it looks like they will end up in the top 5. I really hope juries will stop them!!

And about Estonia. I must be the only person on planet who finds this song boring! :S

Oh and Ireland? They were horrible. Their song is below average and Jedward are so annoying! Not to mention the exact same choreography as last year...

Ah and why Barcelona? Won't it be Madrid? xD

Carlos Ibero said...

Let me know why you "just know it". Is it there a hand behind this?
Estonia's song might be boring for some people, I understand that, but I think it's quality music. Difficult to interpret and there's a lot of feeling there... It's a bit like Italy last year. And the juries will vote for that.
Ireland, well, we don't agree on this one obviously, I think it's good to evaluate songs for what they are in their own style, I mean, you can't compare Estonia with Romania, or Iceland with Ireland, but each one are good in their own style/objective/idea. And as a product, Ireland did it ok, just for fun. But maybe it's because I watch UK tv and I find them quite peculiar. And the song is just radio pop song (made in Sweden by the way)...
ANd Barcelona, well, I think the last time Spain won Eurovision, it was held in Madrid, in the 60s, and considering that TVE has a lot of their equipment and staff in Barcelona's studios, it'll make some kind of justice, plus I live here, so there!! We can go live!!! Although I hope that I pass my Tisus exam and maybe be in Stockholm, May 2013!!!

Carlos Ibero said...

I'm not an expert in Eurovison, but I can see that every year Sweden is the favourite or among the favourites, and then suprise, Charlotte Perelli was saved by the juries, and the blondie girl with the guitar didn't even make it. Plus being such a strong favorite goes against the tactical televoting, I doubt Spanish people will vote for her, knowing she's kind the one to beat!!! Sorry!! Plus if the show is a bit like the one in Melodifestivalen it might be a bit obscure "for the masses"... a bit gloomy like the Icelandic, too dark to win I think... people will go for something a bit more uplifting and vain, I think!

Ifi said...

Hm I'll focus on Sweden. You pretty much covered the rest. ;) How I know it? I was in Globen. I lived people's reaction and ok they were Swedes. But I was there in 2011 too and there was a huge difference! And Loreen is getting the same hype as Rybak in 2009. Maybe more than Rybak! Perrelli was a favourite to win amongst eurofans. I don't remember Anna being a favourite back in 2010.

Since March 10th, when the Swedes picked Loreen, "Euphoria" is charting in almost all european countries. They even played the song in the USA. And the fact that a song is on the radios in Greece WEEKS before Eurovision says a lot! This has NEVER happened before! I've said it before, Loreen will break Rybak's record! ;)
There's always a chance that people will think "ok that's the winner. they don't need my votes. let's vote for something else"...

A few days left to find out. I believe it's Sweden's time. But Barcelona 2013 would be a dream! :D

And how's it going with TISUS? When are you planning to take the exam?

Carlos Ibero said...

Sorry, another comment, :)
Considering that every year the same people/juries vote, more or less, we can make an analogy with last year's resultas:
1. Azerbajdan (original staging differente to the rest, nice, clean colours, not so great singers) Romania
2. Italy (quality song, elegance, feelings, piano) Estonia
3. Sweden (pop song, dance, young audiecen) Sweden
4. Ucraine (efective ballad, good show/voices) Spain/Iceland/Italy
5. Denmark (pop song, nothing special but catchy) Hungary/Denmark/Germany
6. Bosnia (Balkan song, nice)Serbia
7. Greece (Mediterranean, catchy, easy song)Cyprus

Let's see!

Carlos Ibero said...

I did my oral part on May 8th, waiting for the result. I did it from home, via Skype! This time was an exposition of a subject, very scary, but I think I was good enough!! I'll find out soon!
Well let me put you down a little bit, there's a big hype about Loreen but specially in Sweden, but here you don't hear this song at all! Sweden and Greece are big followers of ESC but, there are 40+ countries voting... don't get upset if Loreen does not win. Last year everyone freaked out with France and the UK, and then... nothing.. I think that's the essence of ESC, that nothing is what it seems... and every year I have a bitter aftertaste after seeing the winner. Last year I made 200 euros betting for Italy!!! No one thought that Italy would be up there!

Ifi said...

I like your thinking! I don't totally agree but it makes sense. :) I won't get upset if one of my other favourites wins :P hahahaha Allow me to keep dreaming!

Via Skype???? :O Oh my God!! I would have died :P Let me know how you did it somehow. Via mail maybe? :) Good luck with your results my friend!

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