Sunday, May 27, 2012

ESC 2012 - The Grand Final! EUPHORIC victory for Sweden!

Photo: Thomas Hanses (EBU)  
Should I say it? Ok, ok. I don't know where to start! There! I said it! Aaalright... I have a lot to say about last night. But we'll take it one at a time.

I can start by saying this. We had the best Eurovision in many, many, many years! Song-wise! Because there were a lot of other problems but only those who were there can tell you more details about this. The worst part of the night was once again the hosts! Honestly I don't know what's worse. 2009's hosts or 2012's hosts? I won't comment the opening act coz to be honest I didn't really pay much attention to it. So let's make a few comments for each country.

1. Sweden 372 - Damn damn damn! A few more points and she would have broken Rybak's record! At least she made a new one! 18 12pts! Really I don't have anything to say here! You know that this was my winner (well Spain was too!).
2. Russia 259 - Switch Russia with Spain please! The grannies ended up way too high! I was expecting this but I wanted them somewhere between 15 and 20. I adore the cute granny but the song didn't deserve a second place!
3. Serbia 214 - Željko did a great job! I'm fine with Serbia finishing 3rd even though for me, it's too high coz I had other favourites that I wanted to see that high.
4. Azerbaijan150 - No. Just no. What is Azerbaijan doing in the top 5? In the top 10? That was an ok song but quite indifferent. It should be around top 15. Lower? And kill me for saying this but Sabina performed like she was high... :S
5. Albania 146 - Well 5th place is way too high for this one IMO! I think this is the best place Albania achieved since their debut. Good for them but I really don't like the song. Rona has a great voice but the way she performs "Suus" is too screamy for my taste.
6. Estonia 120 - Another song I didn't want to see in the top 10. You know I don't like it. You know I find it boring.
7. Turkey 112 - Why is this in the final in the first place? AND a top 10? I don't get you Europe. Sometimes I really don't!
8. Germany 110 - Another one finishing too high. Roman was good, the song was nice but 8th place is too much if you ask me. I wonder if it was his cute face that put him there.
9. Italy 101 - First of all I have to admit one thing. Nina performed suprisingly well in the final! :O In the rehearsals she was really bad! But what was that last night? Kudos Nina! I think I'm fine with Italy in the top 10. I would be more fine if it was fully in italian.
10. Spain 97 - You know, I have a lot to say about Spain and Pastora that I will make another blog entry just for them! Right now I will just say that I am really happy with this top 10 placing but I wanted them at least in the top 5! Because they deserved it more than any other country that finished in the top 5 (Sweden is an exception of course!).
11. Moldova 81 - Right... The only explanation for Moldova's 11th pace I can find is the running order! Coz seriously, 11th place for this is insane!
12. Romania 71 - They were robbed! That should be in the top 10! 12th place is not bad. Far from it but I really think they should be in the top 10. Their performance was great! I even voted for them! <3
13. FYROM 71 - I can't even comment that! It should have stayed in the semi-final!
14. Lithuania 70 - Well I think we found our dark horse for 2012! Nice job there Donny!
15. Ukraine 65 - It should have been lower. Actually not even in the final! But ok. 15th...
16. Cyprus 65 - Well that was kinda "Rockefeller Street" déjà vu... It just shows once again that Cyprus has no friends in the contest. They couldn't achieve at least a top 10 with "La la love" then they can never win!
17. Greece 64 - I'm sad for one reason. There goes our record! For the first time after 8 years in a row, we're not in the top 10! I blame you, Loreen Talhaoui, for picking #17! xD I think we did a great job! I'm pleased with what we presented. I think we should be in the top 10. 10th place would have been fine...
18. Bosnia & Herzegovina 55 - Didn't expect this to be higher to be honest. Great performance by Maya but I guess it wasn't enough. I really like the song by the way.
19. Ireland 46 - I am sooooo glad! Almost thrilled! Their song sucks, Jedward can't do nothing but jump around like crazy and the fountain was a meh gimmick in that case. I'm happy for this 19th place! If they had stayed out of the final I'd have been way more pleased!
20. Iceland 46 - Ok that was a big surprise there! But to be honest their running order was really bad. It got forgotten coz after Iceland there were so many good songs. And this time I don't think it was the language who brought them the 20th place. Had they ended up somewhere around 12-15 then I'd have said that "I told you so" about the icelandic version but now, nah. Something else went wrong here.
21. Malta 41 - Well that was quite expected... Too bad for Kurt...
22. France 21 - I was expecting this to finish 4-5 places higher. Oh well...
23. Denmark 21 - I expected this in top 15! 23 is just too low for this! I love "Should've known better"!
24. Hungary 19 - Totally expected this!
25. United Kingdom 12 - Damn it! So close! I predicted this ending up last!!! Gaah! xD Did they seriously expect something more?
26. Norway 7 - And we end with a real shocker! Norway fnishing last?! What the hell? It's unbelieveable! Last? And no I'm still not a big fan. I've said it many times. But I love Tooji and he was great last night! :S

Then we have the interval act which again didn't pay attention to. I will watch both semis and the final again coz I was commenting everything at the same time and I missed quite a lot. About the voting part, there are quite a few things I want to comment. But I'm thinking of doing this in another blog entry. I will just say: Lynda Woodruff FTW! Fantastic Sarah Dawn Finer! That was the best moment of the entire voting! If you guys watched the final of Melodifestivalen 2012 I'm sure you'll get this! I laughed so hard with this! KUDOS to SDF!! Hahahahahaha!

Ok the ESC is over but we're not done. I have so many things in mind that will keep us busy for at least one more week. We'll just take it slowly because I still have work to do with the uni. Lab reports, exams...

Anyway the thing is that WE'RE GOING TO STOCKHOLM NEXT YEAR! And I'm finally going to my first Eurovision! :D Super excited about this! I just need to find money! Coz next year we're gonna have a mello semi here in Linköping, the final in Stockholm and then of course the ESC in Stockholm. And all that thanks to Loreen!


God I need lots of money for next year. Donations anyone?


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