Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ESC 2012 - Semi-final 1 - Results!

I gotta say (what's on my mind...), oh sorry! Got carried away coz GREECE is in the finaaaaaaaaaaal!!!! As I said, I gotta say that I already got some PESD! First semi is over! :O So freakin' fast! But let's take it one by one! There's a reason why I comment everything on facebook! Then I can go back and see all I wanted to blog about! ;)

First of all, the hosts! Couldn't they be more boring? And that "tarananaaaa"? God!! And when they said that the Big 5 are already in the final they forgot to say "SPAIN"! Are they sabotaging my Spain?????? Grrr! Then some more boring talking and we kicked off!

Montenegro - Simply hemetic!
Iceland - Glad they made it! They were great! (Yes I still prefer the icelandic version!)
Greece - We rocked once again! Top 10 in the final! Just because WE CAN!
Latvia - Well we knew the result... but they were good.
Albania - Too bad her appearance didn't stop her... Nothing against Rona. I actually like her. I just don't like the song and the way she sings it.
Romania - Elena had a problem with her sound and she was out of breath after the first chorus but they made it! YAY MANDINGA!
Switzerland - Poor Switzerland! One of my favourites this year!! Damn Europe!
Belgium - The biggest snoozefest tonight!
Finland - Aah :( Should have been in the final! Such a beautiful song and Pernilla was fantastic tonight!
Israel - No final for Israel once again! :( That was a love it or hate it song. I love it!
San Marino - Did they seriously expect to make it? Really?
Cyprus - Good job Cyprus!!!!!  Glad the JESC choreo didn't cost you the final!
Denmark - Yay Soluna!! So glad that Denmark made it!!!
Russia - Well we knew it! Just a few seconds of the cute granny were enough to send them to the final! Love the cute granny, not a big fan of the song. I love to watch it but it's not in my playlist.
Hungary - Wow! I didn't expect them to make it but I'm glad! It was in my "want" list!
Austria - I actually liked this tonight! And the entire stadium was singing along "oooh oooh"!
Moldova - I'm sure it was the running order that send them to the final! I can't explain it otherwise!
Ireland - Oh God! Did they have to make it? Really?

So the 10 finalists!

  • Romania
  • Moldova
  • Iceland
  • Hungary
  • Denmark
  • Albania
  • Cyprus
  • Greece
  • Russia
  • Ireland
I got 7/10 in both my lists! I think it's better than last year! xD

And semi 1 is over! I will blog again in a while when the press conference is over!


Orges Aliu said...

albania should win , Rona was perfect and I admire her voice.She maybe won't win cause Albania is small country but I think that she make proud himself, Albania and most of all the country where she comes from Kosovo :D.come on Ronaaaaaaaaaaaa

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