Friday, May 25, 2012

ESC 2012 - Final's running order

Ok last night right after the semi we had the press conference and the running order draw for the last 10 finalists. I watched that but I was too tired to blog (which is really strange because I usually -always!- can't sleep after the ESC) and went straight to bed. Anyway. I'm gonna post the final's running order and some comments about it.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Hungary
  3. Albania
  4. Lithuania
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  6. Russia
  7. Iceland
  8. Cyprus
  9. France
  10. Italy
  11. Estonia
  12. Norway
  13. Azerbaijan
  14. Romania
  15. Denmark
  16. Greece
  17. Sweden
  18. Turkey
  19. Spain
  20. Germany
  21. Malta
  22. FYROM
  23. Ireland
  24. Serbia
  25. Ukraine
  26. Moldova
Well not really much to say here but Sweden coming right after Greece. Oh boy we (Greece) really didn't need that! Cyprus is between Iceland and France. Being after Iceland is amazing but before France... hm... Romania got a really good draw. Right after Azerbaijan and before Denmark. Really nice! Spain is between Turkey and Germany. That's good! Pastora will stand out! Now those countries from 22 to 26 are really lucky! I only like Serbia out of those though!

Ok I wish BEST OF LUCK to my top 3, Spain, Sweden and Romania. And of course to Greece (we're so in the top 10) and to Cyprus!

Now some comments about last night. I was blogging and at the same time watching the press conference so I forgot to comment that. The interval act! What on earth was that? I totally dislike Dima Bilan and Alexander Rybak! And is it me or Lena looked like anorexic? :S I hope she's ok! Oh and putting all of them together singing "Waterloo"? They totally killed it. Thanks Azerbaijan!


Mitt alter Ego - Doris said...

Förstår att du inte gillar att Sverige sjunger efter Grekland... men håll med om att Sveriges låt är ett strå vassare? ;)

Mellanakten... fattade du någonting av deras skämt? Väldigt taffliga programledare.

Go Loreen - Euphoria - Sweden

Have a nice day!


Ifi said...

No of course I don't like that Sweden comes after Greece! That means we're toasted! Everyone will forget about us!!!

And as I said the hosts were awful! I doubt anyone laughed with their jokes (?). Meh :P

Well it is Stockholm 2013 for sure now.
And thanks for commenting! :)

Mitt alter Ego - Doris said...

You are Welcome! :)


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