Saturday, May 26, 2012

ESC 2012 - The Grand Final!

This is it! Tonight's the night! Everything will end tonight! I already feel kinda sad about it and it's still 2 hours to go! But I don't feel nervous. At all. I guess after last year's shock I subconsciously decided not to care that much. But I will be nervours when Greece will be on stage. I ALWAYS am. Even when I didn't like our entries in 2010 and 2011. I will also be nervous when Sweden will be on stage and of course whehn Spain will be on stage!!

A few hours ago we found out the order in which the countries will vote tonight along with the spokespeople.

Albania - (Andri Xhahu)
Montenegro - (Marija Markovic)
Romania - (Paul Seling)
Austria - (Kati Bellowitsch)
Ukraine - (Aleksey Matius)
Belarus - (Dmitry Koldun)
Belgium - (Peter Van de Veire)
Azerbaijan - (Safura Alizadeh)
Malta - (Keith Demicoli)
San Marino - (Monica Fabbri)
France - (Amaury Vassili)
United Kingdom - (Scott Mills)
Turkey - (Ömer Önder)
Greece - Adriana Magania)
Bosnia & Herzegovina - (Elvir Lakovic Laka)
Moldova - (Olivia Fortuna)
Bulgaria - (Anna Angelova)
Switzerland - (Sara Hildebrand)
Slovenia - (Lorella Flego)
Cyprus - (Loucas Hamatsos)
Croatia - (Nevena Rendeli)
Slovakia - (Mária Pietrová)
FYROM - (Kristina Talevska)
Netherlands - (Vivienne van den Assem)
Portugal - (Joana Teles)
Iceland - (Matthias Matthiasson)
Sweden - (Sarah Dawn Finer)
Norway - (Nadia Hasnaoui)
Lithuania - (Ignas Krupavičius)
Estonia - (Getter Jaani)
Denmark - (Louise Wolff)
Ireland - (Grainne Seoige)
Latvia - (Valters Fridenbergs)
Spain - (Elena S Sánchez)
Finland - (Mr Lordi)
Georgia - (Sopho Toroshelidze)
Italy - (Ivan Bacchi)
Serbia - (Maja Nikolić)
Germany - (Anke Engelke)
Russia - (Oxana Fedorova)
Hungary - (Éva Novodomszky)
Israel - (Ofer Nachshon)
I won't comment this though... Oh! Just Sweden's spokesperson! Sarah Dawn Finer! Can I ask for Lynda Woodruff please? ;) 
Ah sorry guys! I just don't know what to talk about! Just that tonight I will vote for Spain, Romania, Greece and Cyprus! Do the same but please add SWEDEN to the list!
#8 Cyprus
#14 Romania
#16 Greece
#17 Sweden
#19 Spain
May the best (LOREEN) win! 2 hours left for the best show of the year!
EDIT: I forgot to say that look out for Pastora Soler tonight! That's all I'm saying! ;) VAMOS PASTORA!


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