Friday, May 25, 2012

ESC 2012 - Semi-final 2 - Results!

Wow! I'm having an "I don't know where to start" moment. Ok let's check my facebook wall. My first comment was once again for the hosts. They are so freaking boring! BORING! Oh and they remembered to mention Spain tonight! Well done! (yeah I know I'm bitching a lot about a little mistake but it's my favourite country we're talking about!) And Eldar's face when he looks at the camera while the others are talking. It's just hilarious (in a bad way)!

Serbia - Amazing Željko as always!! Glad they're in the final! :D
FYROM - No, I didn't punch my screen. Why is this in the final? Why?
The Netherlands - I can't believe I'm gonna say this but I got the chills in the first chorus!! :O No, I'm still a non fan of the song. I don't know why I felt like this. I guess it was a EUROVISION moment haha. Not in the final as I predicted.
Malta - Yay! Malta made it!!! Finally! They deserved it! And Kurt was amazing tonight!
Belarus - Aah I knew it. I voted for them but I knew it wouldn't make a difference! :( I wanted them in the final.
Portugal - It wasn't in my "want" list but tonight I actually liked it! So portugese! But they didn't make it...
Ukraine - Once again in the final! They didn't deserve it this year...
Bulgaria - Poor Sofi! :( I voted for her! Shame that Bulgaria didn't make it again! But no dancers, bad choice of outfit... Damn I wanted them so much in the final! My 4th favourite!
Slovenia - Eva didn't make it. I kinda knew it. Eva should have sung "A Si Sanjal Me"!
Croatia - I was a bit shocked that they didn't make it. I guess there were too many Balkan countries in this final... I love "Nebo".
Sweden - The WINNER! Nothing else to say here! She was perfect!
Georgia - Lol! He was so nervous when they were announcing the results. He should be sure he wouldn't make it! Bye bye Georgia! Come back with a good song!
Turkey - Why did he make it? I totally dislike this song! And Can!
Estonia - No surprise that he made it to the final. I don't like the song at all but better this than Georgia for example!
Slovakia - I guess the metal lovers weren't watching tonight. No final for them.
Norway - Yay Tooji! They're in the final! You know I'm still not a big fan of the song but I'm glad they're in the final!
Bosnia & Herzegovina - I'm happy they made it!! Good job B&H!
Lithuania - I knew he would make it! It grew on me a lot! And I'm glad he made it!

OK so the 10 finalists.

Bosnia & Herzegovina


Carlos Ibero said...

Hi Ifi!
Eurovision always dissapoints!!! I cannot believe that Turkey made with such a horror! My theory is that even Turkey sends a "silent" song, they'd be in the final. Half Turkey is around Europe and they televote no stop, but what I saw yesterday was pathetic, the song, the clothes, the coreo, so old fashion!! The same applies to Ukraine, awful!! My nice surprise was Malta, very effective and I really enjoyed it. I ONLY liked fronm last nite: Malta, Portugal and Estonia and Serbia (but very predictable song/show), the rest were quite poor. Sorry to say that I did not like Sweden at all, there's everything in that staging but Euphoria. Boring show, all black, close-ups, too weird for me, I don't think it's going to win at all... And I always love my beloved Sweden but either they get it wrong or if they win I'm just too old I suppose!!! And I don't know why they bother with a jury, Portugal did not make it with a very very decent song. I had fun and laughs with Norway, Netherlands, Georgia and Bulgaria but I did not like them very much. I understand that Lithuania went through, the song and the performance is above average, but the show a bit boring is a song asking for more spectacular dancers, backdrops, etc!!! It sounded like George Michael in the 80s! Now I need to see the big 5 (please note that I have only seen the promotional videos, I like to see everything like new on the nite)... But I think the best entries taking into acount (show, performance, song, clothes, etc) favourites after what I've seen are in a random order:
Iceland, Romania, Cyprus, Hungary, Estonia, Malta. And then Italy and Spain (without having watched their rehearsals, so this can change) It's funny how favourites change after having whatched them live!! PD I know you're not going to share or understand this, but I literally I had some tears in my eyes when I watched the Estonian entry, I did not understand a word, but it really moved me. Well, as you can see a rollercoaster of emotions from laughing loud (specially with Bulgaria and Ukraine) to crying with Estonia, and a lot to of respect to Portugal!!! Big hug, Ifi from your beloved Spain!!!

Carlos Ibero said...

And I'm pretty sure that I will vote (note that in Spain it costs 1,50 euro from home 2 euros from a mobile) in the final (Iceland, Romania, Estonia and Italy quite probably I just love the song), and if Malta makes me feel like yesterday, I just stood up from the sofa and I started to dance, and I think I will as I will drink a lot of wine) I will vote for them too!!
Oh, dear, I suppose that's my top 5 (well, and Pastora, of course)!!!

Ifi said...

I'm really glad we agree on Turkey and Ukraine!
About Sweden, well everyone says it's too dark. My reply to all of you is that Turkey 2010 was also too dark and they ended up 2nd! ;)
And something must be wrong with me. Seriously I'm the only one who doesn't like Estonia! I don't hate and it's not like I can't stand it at all. I just don't like it.

I like your favourites (well except Estonia) but I have to tell you that Italy will disappoint you in the live performance. Unfortunately Nina can't sing this live...

My votes on Saturday will go to Spain of course! I hope they will make a difference because Sweden never votes for Spain. :( At least you will get points from Greece and that's for sure! And I will also vote for Romania! My lovely Bulgaria is out (I totally know why you laughed at this. That's the reason we love it ;)) and I can't vote for Sweden. Maybe I will vote for Greece too! I love our entry this year! :D

Thanks for commenting! It's fun to see what you think! :D

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