Saturday, April 28, 2012

ESC 2012 - My top 10
This is harder than I expected! I ranked all 42 songs from 12 to 0. It turns out that I like some songs that I gave for example 7 to, more than some songs that I gave 10 or 8 to! I am not gonna go back and edit the posts but my top 10 won't be based on the points I gave to each song individually. It might sound kinda silly and unfair but as I said to the previous post, my top 10 will be constantly changing so it doesn't really matter. I mean don't tell me that you don't change your top 10 all the time! It's just impossible!

And the other thing is that I don't know if I should rank the songs based on the original versions or the ESC versions. For example I adore the original version of Belarus. It's in my top 10. The second version is not! Yes, I said the second version coz apparently this is the latest version! They're going back to a more rock-ish one which I love!

Three countries are out of my top 10 just because they either changed the instrumentation of the song or they translated it to english. These are Iceland, Italy and Belarus. I still listen to the original versions of these three and they all were very close to the top 5! So I really don't know what to do...

*after about 15 minutes of just looking at the excel ranking*

Ok let's have it!

12pts - Spain
10pts - Sweden
8pts - Romania
7pts - Bulgaria
6pts - Israel
5pts - Italy
4pts - Belarus
3pts - Cyprus
2pts - Greece
1pt - Iceland

This is it! And I say it once again, it will be changing all the time!


Carlos Ibero said...

Dear Ifi
I follow your comments closely as you are "the" expert...
This is my top nine so far in no particular order yet...
France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Israel... and then the tenth one changes between UK, Switzerland, Slovenia, Portugal, Germany and Bulgaria... Sweden and Greece come out of the top nine some days as well, as they bore me a bit after listening to them a few times...

Ifi said...

Interesting Carlos! We have 7 in common! :)

But really? Ireland? xD

Carlos Ibero said...

The song...not them.. :)

Carlos Ibero said...

ifi, are you 100% that Sweden will want ESC?
I have this strange feeling that Romania is going to surprise everyone!!!

Ifi said...

Yeah I'm talking about the song as well. I'd be really surprised if you liked Jedward. I find then extremely annoying.

About Sweden yes. I am sure! I don't remember everyone being so crazy about a song before. Not even in 2009! :)

Ifi said...

But I wouldn't mind if Romania won! :D LOVE IT! But I think they'll end up out of the top 5...

Kenan said...

Sweden is the best this year
This is my top 3

1. Sweden
2. Greece
3. Russia

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