Saturday, April 21, 2012

ESC 2012 - Reviewing the countries beginning with "F"

Finland sends Pernilla Karlsson with the song "När Jag Blundar" written by Jonas Karlsson.
This has grown so freakin' much on me! Such a beautiful song! And finally we'll hear some swedish in the ESC! Even if it comes from Finland and even if Pernilla has a finnish accent (that's a tiny minus for me...). I love the lyrics! I love the melody! I don't know if they will make it to the final but I will definitely enjoy it during the semi! Really really beautiful song!
Finland competes in the 1st semi-final with running order #9.

8pts from me and good luck to Finland!

France sends Anggun with the song "Echo (You And I)" written by William Rousseau, Jean-Pierre Pilot and Anggun.
I really don't get the video of the song... :S Anyway. I'm a bit in the middle here. I don't like french so I always have a negative opinion about their entries evene before I listen to them. I'm not a big fan of "Echo (You And I)" but it's not bad. Anggun has a really nice and powerful voice. I also like the music of the song but it's not something I wanna hear on repeat for example.
France competes in the final with running order #9.

5pts from me and good luck to France! 

FYROM sends Kaliopi with the song "Crno I Belo" written by Romeo Grill and Kaliopi.
This one begins nicely but then we hit the chorus and I want to punch the screen! It's so annoying! So annoying! Well not the chorus itself. Kaliopi's voice when she sings the chorus! I really can't stand it. I would have liked the song without the chorus but now, no.
FYROM competes in the 2nd semi-final with running order #2.

1pt from me and good luck to FYROM! 


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